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How do I reset my base Primalist skills?

I talk to the chronomancer and literally nothing happens… trying to reset my base primalist skills.

If you’re referring to the passive tree, the Chronomancer in the Council Chamber is currently bugged. In order to respec your passives you’ll have to use the Chronomancer in the End of Time. Also once you unlock the Mastery trees, the game does not allow you to have less than 20 points in your base class tree, you’ll have to invest over the 20 limit and then undo the points you want to remove.

If you’re referring to skill specializations, when you click on the specialized skill to view its tree, there should be a respec button in the top left corner. Removing a point lowers the level of the skill by one, and you’ll have to gain enough exp for the skill to level up again to regain that point. You can also completely despecialize the skill, removing all points and levels with the skill, and opening the slot up for a new skill.


Add 1 skillpoint to the ability you want, after that you can take one away from the one you dont want etc. It wont allow you to go below 20, but you can go to 21 (or higher) and then you can take away / respec the point you dont want. Like Dominic said.

Add the point you want (by levelling up or respeccing your mastery), then respec the point you dont want, not the other way around.

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