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How Arena can potentially ruin 7.9

If arena is left untouched and keys still come from the new monolith, players will exploit arena to trivialize all the wonderful new content.
As it stands arena provides leveling experience at an exponentially faster rate than any other area of the game. Once you are able to clear the first mono level there is no reason not to grab tons of keys to use to over level in arena to make pushing through to grab mono rewards faster and easier.
If you don’t think this will happen just watch how most power players are hitting mono’s at level 16 now. Please nerf arena experience, boost mono XP or find another way to gate arena. Thanks!

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You won’t be able to enter mono until you have finished the campaign so that kind of power leveling (enter arena sub 20) won’t be possible anymore except the old keys will remain.

And I highly doubt plain levels will make the difference in the new mono… So ppl are gonna prefer a mix of exp and gear and the new skills you’ll aquire through mono…

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Who’s going to do arena when the new MoF is :fire:


People pushing for the first t6/t7 affix. I’m not saying people aren’t ruining their own experience, but lets face it, if there’s a route that gives 5 times the xp most people will end up using it.

edit: Thinking a little more about it , people with high level characters can already cruise through the new MoF content if they want to.

If I was pushing for t6 and t7 drops the arena is not where I would go…

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for sure, like I said, I wasn’t considering people using their already high level character’s to farm the new MoF for gear / affixes. so it doesn’t really matter as the cat is out of the bag and new players will want to experience the new MoF.

Some will do for sure if not almost all in the beginning. It’s the best and fastest way to get the new stuff.

Do you mean some will use their high level characters to farm things in the new MoF and give to their new characters? I assume this is what you meant as opposed to 'in the beginning some will farm MoF right away because it’s the easiest way to get stuff" which technically can’t happen because you can’t access the new MoF until completing campaign?

High level chars have their story completed so what? We get no new content. Just aks @boardman21 how many chars he has that have finished the campaign for example. Finishing the story is done in a day tops SSF.

Boardman mentioned yesterday on stream he only has 1 character that has Chapter 8 completed…so he’s like damn, I got a lot of characters to rush through Chapter 8 before the patch arrives to get access to the new Monolith. :laughing:

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Oh boy he got real lazy these days is he ill or something?

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