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How are your fire sentinels doing?

After the latest patch the curious fire sentinel build opened up.

Basically what I am doing is vengenace(all fire stuff + triple retaliation) + rebuke(only the chance to ignite + all the defensive bonuses) + lunge (all buffs) + holy aura(the fire bomb or whatever its called + the defensive buffs) + that flame AoE attack from the Forge Guard(no tree yet, unfortunately).

So far died only once during the campaign, can tank up pretty well but the damage seems lacking. The ignites are kinda weak. Having only 4 suffixes per piece of gear is unfortunate because its hard to scale them without the damage overtime suffixes.

Switch your main attack to warpath (dopple melle attack with 100% scaling on attack speed), there focus in pull in and movement speed.

You holy aura builded to mana leech and fire bomb (+250%) and attack speed.

Rest is GG, you will spin to win through everythink.

Ignite is not weak, but you nees to stack it far over 100% on hit chance. When you have 100%, you put 1 ignite per hit on enemy, if you have 200%, you put 2 ignite per hit on enemy…this goes up. actually the samemfor bleed and poision. Main problem with ignite, the engine cannot handle the stacks on big mob groups, when you have 500%+ ignite stacks. It simplymkills your fps and makes you unable to dogde move in arena, when fps ia on 0-2

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