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Hoping some things get changed in the future

I know it’s an EA at current state but i wanna like it but i just don’t see any big changes in the future…

Seems like a fun game to play
but after spending hours playing it it just isn’t

  • gear progression… gear you have found at level 10 still can be better as gear you will find at level 100
  • respec of skills just means you have to level up the new skill(s) even if you’ve done that 90 times before
  • killing blows… low level enemies can kill you with it even after you’ve just killed the boss and looking at the drops
  • too punishing… you loose to many progress by getting killed… aye i lke it hard but this… just makes me getting bored ( in many cases you have to rerun 4 or more levels again to even get at the same level )
  • loot again… there aren’t lots of uniques or set gears atm… so you will end up getting the same things over and over and over again… most of the time even with the same stats
  • boss fights… they introduced boss immunitiеs at some states of the fights… so why we have to make our character get better/more damaging … when we can’t even harm them at those states… ?
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Hey Messy, welcome to the forum…

My 2 cents reply to your points:

Agreed. I have made comment about this many times elsewhere on the forum. Hopefully they are working on improving this but it does involve a lot of other things indirectly so its not going to be easy. EDIT: obviously you are using a little hyperbole here, but I get it.

Doesnt really bother me that much, but they are working on alternatives to the current option.

Oneshot kills… yes, this does happen… I especially hate it when you die to an DoT after you have killed the boss because you were concentrating on the loot. Dont think they should remove it entirely, but they do need to consider the issue.

I personally dont agree with this… I like the progress reverting on MoF. Makes it a little less of a boring grind cause you could lose the progress. Its better than it was - back to the beginning of the entire MoF.

I think that this will improve as more and more content is added to the game. So give it time for this particular problem to work its way out.

Personally I like my boss fights very hard. Bugs & similar aside, I hope that they dont make things too easy wrt. boss fights. I find the level, gear and skill gates that bosses provide very important to ARPGs and its a nice challenge after possibly cruising through the map to get to them easily.

Again, welcome to the forum… and stick with the game… for Early Access its proving to be great and we can all only hope great becomes brilliant.

false. gear you find on your lower lvls will never be stronger than items found in mono system or high waves arena.

yes, they are addressing this in an upcoming patch.

inattention is your fault, not the game’s.

you only get sent back 4 echoes. this death penalty has been nerfed into oblivion culminating in what we have today, it’s a joke really, idk how anyone can be upset by a 4 echo reset…

uhm yeah, it’s early access, the uniques and set items we have in the game as of right now are enough. there are going to be plenty more by the time game goes 1.0. also remember that legendary items will also be introduced in the game.

no such thing as boss immunity in LE.

I sense a lot of frustration in your post and that’s why maybe you felt the need to outright say false things. I would suggest looking at yourself as a player first. Blaming the game because of your shortcomings is not a healthy way to approach and play any game.

Be nice, cut him some slack… its his first time here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Kinda, IMO, they should remove the lower tier bases from the drop pool as you level just as they add the higher tier ones as you level…

Yes, but that’s entirely on you for not killing everything in aggro range before looking through your spoils.

It’s been massively nerfed recently, it used to set you back to timeline zero when you died in a monolith. There needs to be some price of failure oitherwise you’ll just zerg the boss till it dies.

Yeah, that should improve with time & hopefully they add more “interesting” affixes to them, plus they still have to add the legendary tier of gear.

There’s only 1 boss that goes immune (Abomination) & that is for mechanical reasons (kill the soul vessels). They did add % damage mitigation to the bosses per x% of hp you drop them down & I’m not sure that’s quite the best way of avoiding the uber-powerful builds from killing them in a few seconds.

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Yeh damage gimping is never nice in games, goes against the grain of what (A)rpg’s are about.

Add more health to bosses.
Add DPS checks, ie at certain stages, so 75% 50% 25% health you have to deal with a mechanic.

Leave the damage alone.

Which, IMO, is a bad way to make fights last longer. It also penalises the lower damage builds that are already suffering since they take longer to kill bosses. I think your next point would be a much more interesting way of limiting the effectiveness of high dps builds while not shafting low dps builds.

What if you get the boss down to 75%, then a mechanic happens & if you get the boss down to 50% before it ends then the next mechanic overlaps & it’s much harder to deal with. Maybe the first one is a damage buff, the second is an attack speed buff & if you have both active at the same time they’re doubled (or something)? I’m sure the devs/people could come up with more interesting ideas.

Maybe if you have both 75% & 50% mechanics up at the same time then Rahyeh starts to channel his bombardment at the same time as his pie attack? Or summons more adds during the other attacks he does to body block you into not being able to move out of the way.

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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 72 hours unless flagged)

Thats a clever variation on @Sanctuarys_Reaper idea… Solves the massive damage guys by overlapping the boss boosts - which a lower dam player would not be able to do… Could be simple mechanics like “Boss regens all health lost in the last 10 seconds” - would make no difference to average damage players and potentially reset the boss for high damage guys…

Tricky… I like that…


:smiley: Yeah, I saw the post. aRPGs tend not to have mechanically complex fights, but MMOs can do what I described. My main experience is with SWTOR & there were several boss fights that required careful DPSing, not just going balls to the wall. One (Jarg & Sorno, not @Sarno, in Karagga’s Palace) had one boss enrage after you killed the other so you needed to kill them as close together. Another (the walker bosses in Temple of Sacrifice) had a guaranteed wipe mechanic if you didn’t kill the two bosses within X seconds of each other (that mechanic wasn’t there in the easiest mode, but was progressively shorter in the harder difficulty modes). The final fight in Dread Palace was similar, in that if you DPS’d certain bosses down to quickly then **** hit the fan rapidly, some of it was recoverable, some wasn’t depending on which boss & when in the fight, but the final phase was similar to the walker boss, you had a certain amount of time to kill all 5 bosses or you got wiped.

Edit: Ideally, different bosses would have different things happen. Some might become harder to deal with if you had multiple things active at the same time, others could be easier.

Edit #2: IMO, the limit is the devs (& our) imaginations and the dev’s ability to code them in in a reasonable amount of time.

please this was just ment to be a respectfull feedback
of just some of my own opinions and ofcourse i could be wrong of it myself.

just liking (most) of the game


#4 Mage, #1 Spellblade, Wave 254, Eye of Reen.

I skipped over what you posted @Llama8 and replied before reading it proper, was on the phone, were all Fallible :wink:


:smiley: No problem mate. My reply went into a bit more detail with some examples.


@Messy, they are reworking skill leveling and adding a loot filter to make item hunting less annoying.

New uniques were added in the last patch and there are plans for both more - and more interesting - uniques and sets.

Major patches are released roughly every 2 months, so I think we’re expecting one sometime around end of September?

Have another go when the patch is out and you may find more fun in the game.

Same here! I do like the challenge as well. There is for example an arpg where bosses are like monsters, and well there is no challenge there, besides the dps-check (player vs boss, whoever deals most wins) and it becomes dull after a while. So mechanical/tactical boss fights have my preference overall. And thus more rewarding if you do succeed.

thanks all for the comments
and aye i like this game to succeed otherwise i wouldn’t have post a forum topic
think some of you peepz have a good point (better as me)
and i like that
again… i like the game and the work the devs putting into it
and i never never wanted to be flaming, but i agree i had to choose my words more wisely

no im not sponsered and yep i’m still playing

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You’re getting bangaranged because you are accusing someone of being a liar with absolute certainty. Once you’re being pointed out that you have made a similar mistake, your mistake is suddenly a different interpretation - not a lie. Why would you be treated any different than how you treat the OP?

Could it be that OP’s claim was also a different interpretation, not a lie?

If you’re so good at interpretation then interpret this!

Don’t have to at all but you should still try to acknowledge at least in your own head what’s being communicated to you.
You’re only losing from stating that you’ll stand your ground no matter what - intellectually, socially and introspectively. If you don’t acknowledge your mistakes, you’ll never learn and step into the same hole every single time.

Like this:

for me its dying at bosses and then losing 4 echoes and item drops. all the gear i have i got from gambling not one item was a drop. its like all im doing is gambling for rares.

I think we all are. :frowning: But hey… early days and they are already considering crafting changes etc… :wink: Lets see where it goes…