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Holy Aura "Shelter from the Storm" node is bugged

My lightning protection and poison protection are 425 and 394 respectively when holy aura is active. However when I put 1 point into Shelter from the storm (+1 vitality and +15 elemental protection) they go to 415 and 331 …hmmmm. Other elemental protection and vitality stats are affected too I just chose those 2 as an example. It seems when you add a point to shelter from the storm its overriding the base vitality and elemental protection from the skill itself.

Id also like to point out you seem to keep the base buffs from holy aura even if you swap it out for another skill until you change screens. At least its displayed that way on the character sheet.

I’ve posted about this before. When you add points to this node your protections are less than they were before. Etc etc. Same thing as before. Can we get a fix on this?=/

Sorry about that-- got lost in the shuffle. I’ve moved your post into the original thread.

I’ve made a note of this, it seems like it’ll be somewhat related to this bug we fixed with 0.7.3b:

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