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Hit 50x per second - Spark Charge Sorcerer Build (Mage) Best MAGE Build! | Last Epoch

Here is my next Last Epoch build guide! Featuring The Spark Charge Sorcerer For the Mage Class!
This build makes use of Lightning blast and Elemental Nova to apply spark charges and hit for 50x per second and deals massive damage!! Check it out and let me know what you think!
Click Here


Damage wise it looks good and should be fun to farm with.
Your EHP makes me feel little bit nervous on boss-fights.

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Why is that? Just curious haha

Maybe i’m getting old. :wink:

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Haha me too. If you are having trouble with something or have suggestions I am all open to hear them!

I haven’t seen a spark charge all in yet. Not that I’m looking very hard. Was always curious how those nodes play out.

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makes a strong ability much much stronger lol. I went with the idols to test but the electromany idols ended up coming out on top