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Higher level gear

Its probably planned down the road but it would be awesome to implement higher levels of armor all the way to lvl 100. For example

L90 armor - once you reach level 90, a higher tier (higher base values) items will start dropping for you.

L100 armor - Even higher base values than L90 and guarenteed at least same base value as maximum L90 armor.

Would be a big motivator is trying to get to lvl 100 which takes hours more than just get to lvl 70 and already wearing the best armor you can have just rerolling and crafting to try and get afew % better.

But what are you going to do with your level 100 gear base? Craft it? That would be a big waste considering the current late game. Theres nothing to do at level 100. And your next build wont be able to use it. Much better to have very nicely crafted level 60ish item. Have to disagree with the need for lvl 90+ base items.

Of course you would craft it and they could even go as far as lvl 90 gear could go to T6 and lvl 100 could go T7 on craft. Yes right now almost all builds are nerfed and you dont need more stats to be monolith of fate or arena, but down the road with more end game contant and much harder bosses it would be useful and something to strive for.

Right now theres no point going above lvl 70 cause your not going to do much more damage (30 passive skills) you already have the best items your going to get.
But its just something i would like lol.

I am pretty sure level 100 gears is something that wouldn’t happen. The devs have similar philosophy to D2 and POE for max level which is that it is meant to be a niche goal for those who enjoy leveling.

Making level 100 gears with higher crafting threshold makes it such that level 100 is no longer just a niche goal but a mandatory one to raise the power level of your character.

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