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High GPU usage

Forwarding my post from Steam Forum for more advices

First off, let me tell you my PC spec:

Intel 9700K OC’ed
32gb of Ram
Windows 10 with latest update
GTX2080 with latest driver
Running the game at 2560x1440 /High Setting

Bought the game today. And as soon as I get into the game, it’s running at 97-99% GPU usage even at the menu screen. I’m getting around 80 to 95 fps in-game at the starting area. However, the GPU constantly running at 97%-99% usage(temp at around 70’C). Is this normal for Last Epoch? or it’s just me? I understand as long as the temp is ok, it is totally fine. But constant 97-99% GPU usage seems a bit weird considering this is not a fps game. I am not worried, I am just curious.

Update 1:
If I lower resolution to 1920x1080, the GPU usage will go down to 75% to 85%. But the Graphic looks …meh…at this resolution on my monitor. Any idea?

Update 2:
Back to running at 1440p, High setting. However, I enable and set the “FPS limit” to 70 and the GPU is now running at 60% to 80%. If I set “FPS limit” close to or over 100, the GPU goes back to 90%+ usage. If I set it lower to like 60, the GPU usage goes lower. 70 is what I will settle for now for my 144hz monitor.

Update 3:
It seems turning “Shadow” to Low helps. “Grass Density” on High has impact on GPU usage in open area with grass(obviously). However, Low and Off doesn’t seem to make much diff. So I leave it on Low.

Update 4:
I have another Ryzen system at home. I tried running the game on the Ryzen System(I setup both system myself): :

Ryzen 3600
32gb of Ram
2080 Super
Windows 10 with latest update
Running the game at 1920x1080, Ultra setting.

I found out that if I set FPS limit to 70 on this system. The GPU usage would drop to 45% to 60%(Ultra Setting). If I don’t set any FPS limit at all, the GPU runs at 90%+

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If you’re not setting an FPS limit it will render frames as fast as your video card can render them. This is why your GPU% is so high.

Same, my GPU is taxed unlike any other game I have played. It feels like LE is Crysis! FFXIV, Skyrim, Borderlands all play without overly taxing my GPU. This is is insane because LE does not have that stellar of graphics to keep my GPU overly taxed and PC high temp

+1 exactly the same problem.

Same issue. I have GTX 1660 and never had an issue with any game. I always run v-sync so GPU stays underloaded by a large margin. With Last Epoch I get 96% GPU load straight in main menu. I’ve downloaded Vulkan wrapper, which helped get closer to desired 60 FPS (VSync), but still it rarely reaches that and overloads the GPU.

As a fellow game developer I am going to assume the issue is that they’ve decided to build this game using Unity. It has terrible performance and requires a monumental effort to optimize. About a year ago I did a comparison of several identical scenes in UE4 and Unity and UE4 had higher 2-3x higher FPS.

Anyway, here is hoping the team can find resources to optimize it. The game is fantastic already (coming from long time PoE player).

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Yeah, I figured the abysmal performance on my pc was due the Unity3d engine. I have most things on low, run at 1920 res, and the framerate is 20-30 fps. Unless there is combat, then it’s lower :slight_smile:
I do have a Quadro M1200 (and i7 7700HQ) but other comparable games run pretty ok compared to LE. From what I read above I have no hope of playing the Arena.

In some locations my fps drops to 15 on the lowest possible settings. With action it often drops to 5-6 fps, so I had to stop playing altogether.

Any particular areas?

Ancient Forest was particularly bad. It got better when I move around, but the first small area around where I first appeared was unplayably bad.