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High GPU usage

Hi guys, love the game !!!
For some reason my GPU is always on 100%, settings on Medium and Vsync on, specs:
Ryzen 1500x
8gb ram
RX 580 8gb

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Hi there!

Thanks so much for supporting us.

We’re aware that GPU load is abnormally high at present, and there are multiple specific changes planned which should reduce this. Unfortunately during the interim it may just be a case of lowering settings if you do need to reduce the load on your GPU.


currently when the gfx load caps, the game starts to stutter and becomes unplayable (which takes place after about 10 mins of gameplay regardless of zone/map).I play on 1280x960 with the lowest settings possible and lowering res and settings doesn’t help.

It’s probably my potato laptop gfx, but I can still run e.g. Grim Dawn on that same res on high settings without any hiccups - I understand that optimizing takes a lot of time (and GD is a polished product), but any news on this front would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried enabling Vertical Sync?

Yep just tried, it runs a bit more stable (around 15-20 min) but then the stutter begins again.

How are the CPU and GPU temperatures when the stutter starts?

Download, install, and run HWMonitor. Leave it in the background while playing the game for a while - then when you start to have issues, check the Max temperatures and see how they are. Once we know what kind of temperatures you’re seeing we can go from there.

Thanks, will do

Ok, so I in the advanced graphic settings, I disabled everything on the right side (Bloom, Depth of Field etc.) and no freezes/major stutter after about an hour of play on 1280x960.

Temps on the GPU are around 75 C and still max or near max GPU load. It still doesn’t run as smoothly as it could but frankly at this point in development I can’t expect it to. Main thing is I can keep playing :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your swift reply & help!

75c is personally uncomfortable high, and could be the reason for the poor performance over time… Do you have afterburner installed? If not please do and research a good aggressive fan curve to maintain lower temps.

hi i all so have this problem and i know you prob fix im just letting you know i have a ryzen 5 2600 8 gb at 2933 and rx 580 xfx 8gb love the game and keep working at it i did put it on ulta then lowered it down each step and all it does is increase the fps and lower graphics

no interest reporting bugs, get your testers to do it please delete