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Hidden Gems quest bug

It is telling me to “Defend yourself from the Imperial Assassins!” but when I try to do so, there is nothing there to do. I have relogged, and restarted game, but still nothing. I don’t know what to do, and this quest gives a Passive Point. Any ideas?

I have the same problem

I died while fighting the assassin, it asks me to Speak with Rouj Zabat now, but he is nowhere to be found >: he must like that passive point very much to keep it for himself!

I’m experiencing the same issue. I’m stuck on ‘Speak with Rouj Zabat’. I’ve tried going through and killing all enemies in the zones leading up to Maj’Elka as well as in Maj’Elka numerous times, no difference.

Hello Epochers (Epochists, Epocholastists, well we’ll figure it out) !

Same problem for me with "Defend yourself from the Imperial Assassins!”.
During my game, i had a crash during the quest.

Have fun and take care.

Same problem for me, can’t finish the quest, a little bit frustrating but I have to move on

This should be fixed in 0.7.7. Thanks for the reports!

I went back on my old character to check this out and I still couldn’t finish it.

No problem on my fresh character a few minute earlier thou

the ideal thing to do would be able to abandon a quest and restart it from the beginning, this could solve many eventual problem

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