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Hidden Builds = Pure Fun

I just wanted to let you guys know how much fun it is to have builds hidden in a game like this. Diablo 3 = Cut and paste best build based on the ladder. This on the other hand, having the gear and build hidden is amazingly fun. I load up the ladder and look at all the guys with high waves and wonder what the hell they are doing that Im not? It makes me dig deep and be creative, maybe finding what they do, or maybe finding my own new build that is more powerful. Please dont ever change this amazing “feature”. I could add though, if you REALLY find it necessary to show builds like D3 for some reason I cannot see ATM, please just add a check box and leave it up to the players discretion.

Thanks guys!


Just want to say i’m Agree


Absolutly agree, seeing the base skills give you a Little direction but doesnt spoiler the whole build.

As you say People might dive deeper into creating their own unique build instead of copy paste.
And for real casual People that don’t have interest in creating their own build there will be still build guide here in the Forum or other community sites later im 100% sure.

I really like to Play and try out my own ideas then adjust and (Maybe) get some Inspiration from other builds.

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Imho the fact this games mechanics and skilltrees are more complex than in other games is the big thing that makes it outstanding. There are so many possibilities to skill. So many different possible playstyles. It’s like a big sandbox. The most fun for me is finding unorthodox builds and trying to make them work. This diversity is awesome.

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