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Here's a Preview of the New Item Tooltip Design Coming in Patch 0.7.1! (Updated 06/09)

I swear I just read a post about 2 weeks ago saying they weren’t doing legendary and that they didn’t want to add another rarity to the mix. Was this glow on legendary a typo? or they really coming to the game? don’t get me wrong. I want legendary! but they better be much harder to get than in d3. Or maybe only make them craftable.

Edit: the reason I say harder to get than in D3 is cause legendaries basically made any normal/rare/magic item useless cause legendary/ancient legendary was OP when compared.

You’re probably thinking of this post of mine.

Last Epoch already has dozens of unique items, and we have no intention of removing this item rarity. Legendary items would be a subset of these which would be among the most powerful and the most rare. The team is currently discussing whether these legendary items should be a discrete item rarity, or presented in a different way (e.g. legendary uniques).

ah ok that makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Nice looking item tooltips
Easely showing which are pre- and suffixes (and the range of each suffix is great aswell)

Also showing which how stats change on equip is a nice addition!

Thank you

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