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Heorots Last Blessing Quest Tracker not working

Hi guys,

I am currently playing through Last Epoch for the first time. I am at the quest Heorots Last Blessing and I started to walk through the Solemn Path. Thought the quest would take me to the Gates of Solarum. So I used the WP to port there. The quest progress jumped to Receive the Blessing of Heorot but I couldn’t find him on there. Nor do I have an indicator showing me where I have to go for the quest.

Interesting, I’m not sure why that happened. The quest doesn’t take you to the Gates of Solarum-- you need to go to The Solem Path and then The Scorched Grove.

Thanks for the report!

Thank you for the reply. I acutally assumed that it would take me there. So that is why i took the waypoint. Once I got there the quest step continued and I had the issue of not finding it. Manually running along the path finally got me there but it was a confusing.