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Help with Sentinel Tank


I am having some questions about what could be better for a sentinel tank. I would be very appreciated if someone could help me with it.

  1. Forge Guard or Paladin? I tend to use Paladin thanks to the Holy Aura basically cause the huge elemental resistances buff and the block chance nodes on the passive tree.

  2. Which offensive skill can you recommend me? I am thinking about going Vengeance 1h + shield but I think that the damage is gonna be pretty low to deal with some big boys.

  3. The last question… I am having troubles understanding when to use “Increased melee damage” or “Increase physical damage”. Whats the main difference between them?

Thanks and sorry if any question sounds stupid.

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Either Forge Guard or Paladin are good.

If Vengeance is too tanky for you, Rive is probably the best alternative for melee.

Increased melee damage will buff any melee attack regardless of the element (phys, fire, void, etc) that it does.

Increased physical damage will buff any skill (except minions) that does physical damage.

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Thanks for the answer @Llama8.

I think I am going vengeance with 1h+shield cause the damage reduction buff on the skill.

I would like to know your opinion about which type of weapon could fit better on a tank build. Sword maybe cause the speed attack?

Yeah, sword unless you’re going bleed (axes) or you want to stun stuff (blunts, though 2-handed would be better for that). If you wanted to go hybrid (melee/caster) you could go with a scepter, but either pure melee or pure caster is probably more effective than hybrid (caster should either go wand/shield for defence or staff for offence).

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Alright. I am gonna stick with swords then, the sentinel tree node of 30% attack speed seems good.

Thanks again @Llama8. So appreciated for the help.

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Everything’s better with more attack speed.


My favorite class/character/skill is Magnus, my Rive/bleed/Paladin. I’m a die hard melee player. If you want sword and board (or axe and board in my case) look get a good shield with block chance and effectiveness. Sigils has a great node area that increases both per sigil as well as another that increases damage per sigil. And don’t neglect a few points in the first nodes in the Forge Guard tree that give you Block Chance! Also, in the Paladin tree be on the lookout for “On block” skills. My Paladin has a block change in the high 70s to low 80s with sigils up so if effectively block 4 out of 5 blows (stretching my stat knowledge a bit) which means ‘on block’ abilities are going off all the time.

EDIT: Meant for OP, not you specifically @Llama8. I wish the reply button was reply/reply to Op because I almost always click the reply under the last post NOT the reply at the bottom of the thread.

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Thanks @CaiusMartius for your reply.

Yes, block chance is one of my " go to " stat in this tank build.
Any tip on how to improve the damage being 1h shield?
And HP regeneration is any good?

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Attack speed & flat added melee damage are your friend (eg, “Marauder’s” is flat added phys damage as compared to “Rending” which is % increased melee damage). Early on, flat added damage is probably more useful to you on gear than % increased, attack speed/cast speed is always useful.

The attack speed implicit on melee weapons is multiplicative whereas all other sources of attack speed are additive (so a weapon with 1.2 attack speed is always 20% faster than a weapon with 1 attack speed, regardless of how much attack speed you have from other sources).

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I am thinking about how to maintain my HP up.
Would be HP regeneration any worth or better invest on hp per melee hit + hp with block?

Sorry for all that questions but I am too curious.

Thanks again

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If You go with Vengeance, keep your eyes open for Idols with + Damage to Vengeance and Smite. They icrease the basedamage of the skill and will boost your overall damage a lot.

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I’m not overly fond of health regen as a defensive mechanic but that doesn’t mean it’s bad in any way. If you’re going Vengeance/Rive/Smite, there’s aSentinel passive called Time & Faith that gives you 25 hp & 10 mana when you use either of those skills, that’ll keep you going for quite a while as well as provide you with a lot of extra mana to cast/use more expensive skills.

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Thanks for your reply @Gambit_1979.

I will take a note of it.

Thanks a lot for all your replies @Llama8.

I know the node you are talking about and its gonna be one of my go to nodes on the sentinel tree.

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Well, frak, why the hell did nobody ever tell me that? :flushed:

EDIT: Okay just tried it. Can’t seem to get it to work. I click the pencil icon and it gives me the choice to ‘reply to myself’ or to a specific post. I replied to a specific post, scrolled up the top to the OP and hit reply and it just duplicated the old post. Not particularly intuitive.

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On this note, health leech is great. You’re attacking so many times per second it goes a long way with sustain. You can get an easy 5 dots in it from the first level of Void Knight nodes, as well as with Rive there is a node that gives you life leech and several others.

The downside of this is you have to be attacking stuff to suck in the life. Beware of DoTs that you can’t attack with nothing else around you.