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Help needed on melee elemental damage


I have some questions on melee elemntal damage calculation for spellblade.
There is plenty of passive on spellblade to add melee damage on melee elmental damage.
This damage depends on the type of element of the melee hit.

I have a mana strike build to augment and proc spell. But I want to aygment the melee damage too.
So if I add some cold dmage on my weapon, are they convert to ligthening or will I have added damage as cold, and so passive will add damage too?
Same way, if I take add cold or fire damage on enchant weapon, this will add damage type to my melee mana strike and so the passive will add too?

As my build is on spell damage/proc, I can’t see clearly if my modification works on the dummy.
I don’t too much play time so I can’t test too far.
Please help :stuck_out_tongue:

If you add cold damage you will have cold damage, no conversion. So if you want to scale it you will have to increase cold damage or elemental damage.
Passive and skill tree added melee damage will be added to your mana strike base damage. If you want to scale efficiently if you have several different source of melee damage, focus on increased elemental damage.

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Thanks for your reply