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Help me commit

Hey All,

I’m new to the (great) game, and could use some help. I have dabbled with each class a little bit to get a sense of their flavor, but I’m limited on my playtime and am an altoholic (like 6 chars under level 30) so I haven’t been able to commit to a class to finish the campaign. I’m hoping someone can issue me a “challenge” to make a type of build that I would take to endgame.

I don’t like anything meta/op and like to muddle though making my own version of a build rather than following a guide. I like the idea of trying to make a given mastery work around a given skill and gravitate to non-summoner, beefy builds more than kiting. Would anyone be willing to issue me this type of challenge bearing that in mind? No need to be overly specific unless you want to use me to test your theory craft, though the results might not come too quickly. Thanks!


A Rebuke Sentinel that uses Rebuke as the main damage dealing skill. 'Cause it’s not painful at all…

Edit: I’m first, so you totally have to do mine first. It won’t make you want to gouge your eyes out at all.

Edit #2: A normal person would welcome you to the forum. I’ll just leave that there.

Edit #3: My idea’s definitely better than Blighted’s.

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Sentinel shield rush. Cannon style via the reset to starting position and the echo’d aoe nodes if it’s still in.

I see you there Llama

Edit: Llama is actually a turtle

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… shakin that arse, shakin that arse…

I know exactly how you feel “lol”. I could definetly have 500 alts and never get beyond lvl 80.

If I were you then, I’d go with beastmaster eventually, take the “one companion” route and make that one a blast (e.g. bear going briar and ice thorn because thats just the killer dps wise and he’s going to be big and taunt em enemies), and you go blast out melee shizzle in some way. Leap/earth quake/melee skill of some kind/frenzy totem.

Or like 499 other ideas I can think of :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: and of course you will get immense life reg and some life leech and build entirely around that. Because you want to be a blood soaker so you can be a definite melee-beast. Maybe even go for the dodge hell yeah why not I say

And you want to hit hard, not fast. Yes baby. Crit, heal quick, kill fast, and have your bear baby reflect how much of a beast(master) you are.

Or go the melee Lich route entirely mixed with some spell-shizzle.

Thanks all for the ideas! Since I knew I couldn’t decide for myself, I took the suggestions (including Rebuke), and put my fate in a 100 sample randomizer. This is an RNG game isn’t it? Results are:

Rebuke - 25 +1 = 26 (I added +1 since it was first reply!)
Shield Rush - 27
One companion - 27
Melee Lich - 21

First reply helps me break the tie. Shield Rush, cannon style or one companion Beastmaster, w/ melee shizzle?

Hm I inspired myself and found a T13 2hand hammer with +melee dmg, +Multi crit, +% stun Chance and +% melee stun Chance, so I started a one companion beastmaster w/melee shizzle - lvl 8 now :stuck_out_tongue: Choose to join me :smiley:

Nice, I need no convincing to get started. Here’s hoping I’ll stay the course!

Aww damn lol, wasn’t watching this thread and missed my reply window. Anyhow have fun and good luck! If you end up not liking bm do try out the cannon setup, at least for me it’s fun as hell.

My BM is lvl 64 now, got to Monolith 34 yesterday. Running raptor and bear with leap, swipe and earthquake. It’s so fun! :slight_smile:


I’m somewhere around lvl 55 and slowly discovering that my build is probably going to fall apart. I wanted to go bleed with Raptor as the lone companion, but bleed doesn’t seem to have nearly the same amount of love that poison does on a BM and lone companion doesn’t seem to have enough of an upside to justify missing out on the potential for four companions. I also haven’t found any shards or gear that increases bleed effectiveness, but there’s tons of increased poison damage. I can’t find a melee skill that will let me stack more than one bleed at a time without having to cast something every four seconds, which again poison doesn’t suffer from. It makes me wonder why they offer bleed at all if poison has so much more support…anyway I feel like I’m a half week from finishing campaign so gotta push through!


Thanks for the update.

There is a bleed effectiveness, but it’s for sentinel according to database.

Plenty of bleed duration, which allows you to stack more bleeds, effectively increasing it’s potency. Focus on attack speed/number of hits, bleed chance and duration.

Also, if you didn’t know, stacking bleed chance above 100% allows you to apply multiple stacks per hit.

Here’s a link to the database I mentioned earlier. Overall though, yeah, poison is overtuned I’d say.

I also discovered that solo companion just isn’t worth it.

I am on 92% crit chance with the swipe buff and the aspects from the passive trees, with 350%+ Crit multi. Basically every hit crits :stuck_out_tongue: and I managed to get my rapoter to attack decently fast and Crit for 1k-1,2k. My bear is going melee with thorn briar, which does lots of input but crits 300-400 only, although very fast.

Gotta try Saber tooth instead of bear at some point but the setup is nice so far. Raptor jumps with me on leap (which always crits for 2k or something), earthquake kills with 3-5k Crit, and bear is on the side tanking the rest, which is a nice split because not everything focuses on me and my raptor!

I wouldn’t go the bleed or poison route, although I’ll try the 4 wolves 1 raptor too and see how that works for single targets (with the raptor specced to double bleed-speed and 5 pets putting the bleed on). Could theoretically help kill the bigger ones faster than I do now (especially in higher monoliths they are the most dangerous for me… Big hitters, big life…)

Wouldn’t go Dot with the beast master itself though!

Thanks for the input and tips! Though it sounds far from optimal, I’m committed to at least finishing camping with bleed as primary damage goal to see if it’s possible for a newbie to make it feel like good DPS. Sounds like I might have to pick up more pets for added bleed stacks and survivability.

Maybe try raptor with 4 wolves and make them all go bleed + raptor doubling the bleed speed and see how that works (at least on big single targets it should speed up nicely)! :slight_smile:

Edit: also raptor has the 4%dmg per bleeding enemy node… But I imagine it will start to scale all more nicely once you get to higher levels

Just finished the content available, thanks to your suggestions. I did end up going multi-pet to help the bleed out, though it felt gimped with my own damage being pretty low due to bleed availability in the trees for melee BM. I think my next build will benefit from the experience; maybe loading up that shield cannon idea.

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Hey that sounds awesome! Are you going to try put it into higher level? Not sure if BM has amany options for stacking bleed himself. I’d probably stack bleed chance and attackspeed, go with +% physical dmg and use sword and board due to more speed and bleed chance.

Minion-only would work out for sure with bleed - Saber, raptor, wolves, entangling roots and frenzy totem would probably be a good start. But then again, I like being in the field too :stuck_out_tongue: