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Heaven and Hell Smite Build - 0.7.8f (0.7.9 in progress)

Version History
  • Patch 0.7.9 – slight nerf to T5 affixes – new item options – some smite fixes that didn’t affect us but may give us new ideas – idols still okay – went from about 50% dodge to 40% dodge — searing faith and holy fire in judgement were changed to affect all sub skills, so we need to try it out
  • Patch 0.7.8f - testing Idols
  • Patch 0.7.8f - initial version
Bugged Idols? I'm using the wrathful idols that give a total of 200% increased damage to vengeance and smite. I heard that they were bugged. I'm not sure if they were fixed or not but I think our damage will still be fine if they are changed.

Use your heavenly judgement to bring down hellish smites on your foes. The main version uses a two-handed staff.

Gameplay Videos
0.7.8f arena -


  • Tanky caster
  • Fast monos
  • Fun movement skills
  • Benefits from player skill


  • Weaker AOE
Skills Smite Can hit enemies off screen and can target enemies without having to click exactly on them. We want to keep the mana cost low so that we can regain mana when we cast smite. We use the void smite so we can leech back health from the sacrifice node.

Used to cast 4 smites at nearby enemies. There is a setting called “move to melee attack enemies that are out of range”. We want to turn that setting off so that we can use judgement from a distance. Judgement is also great at knocking back foes to maintain distance and interrupt their attacks.

Sigils of Hope
Provides a lot of damage and armor. I like the instant cast option and only putting 4 points into duration. But there are a few points to play around with to make it how you like.

Volatile Reversal
Amazing skill for mana, avoiding hits, and more damage. This build is much slower without this skill because judgement needs the mana benefit.

Shield Rush
Only used for movement speed and kiting. I like to put some points into final hit area to break barrels. It can save your life such as when you are surrounded. Also, it can provide more time to cast smite because you move away from enemies faster.

Passives Sentinel Pretty straight forward like mana gained on smite. Iron mastery does not proc often so I may replace it.

Void Knight
We want the void smite damage and leech

Forge Guard
Infinite bulwark is amazing so we spend 30 points to get it. We will want to use the belt affix “dodge rating for 4 seconds on potion use”. Every time we use a potion, we get 200% armor and 60% dodge. We will earn back the potion we just used from the increased chance to find potions. I like to use a potion everytime I stop moving to cast a series of judgements.

We want the 300% increased spell crit chance. I get some useful passives along the way, such as defiance and faith armor.

Gear With patch 0.7.9, we have more options and need to be more flexible depending on what drops we get.

Our first priority is to get Orian’s Eye amulet. I’ll post a version without it but I don’t think we should waste time/resources on those pieces of equipment. Until we get Orian’s Eye, we can put 30% void protection, +200 void protection, 30 mana on an amulet. Currently, you can gamble for Orian’s Eye.

Good stats
Mana - want about +50 to cast more judgements, Orian’s Eye will give us this
Spell crit - want to get to 100% crit
Cast speed - more mana gain and damage
Glancing blow/crit avoidance - standard stuff
Movement speed - boots should give tier 5 movement speed before other stats
Protections - protections go well with this build because the higher they are the more effective our leech is. Also, we get some sentinel bonuses to protections.
Dodge on belt - want 40% dodge when we use a potion

Optional Build Upgrades
Mana Gained on Smite Use - an affix for the helmet. If we get this affix, we can upgrade our smite to cast 3 lightning strikes for additional aoe.
Leech - there is a new chest, Woven Flesh, that gives a lot of leech. It would let us use fire/healing smite instead of void.

Here are some tier 5 gear options with numbers showing the potential dps (damage per second) and ehp (effective health and ward pool). These are estimates until we get better tooltips explaining skill stats.

Basic without Orians - 65k dps, 20k ehp, 400 health gained a second
Basic with Orians - 74k dps, 21k ehp, 500 health gained a second
Conversion Gear - 60k dps, 25k ehp, 400 health gained a second
Leech Gear (void version) - 63k dps, 18k ehp, 2000 health gained a second
Unrealistic Conversion Gear - 62k dps, 27k ehp, 400 health gained a second

Conversion gear gives the most ehp but we lose out on extra mana gained on smite use. We could go with a helmet that gives necrotic conversion and mana gain. Poison resistance is not as important right now.

Look for idols that fill in weaknesses such as damage or protection. I’m using 4 idols with increased smite damage and 1 idol with increased armor.

There is a nice blessing that gives void damage. Otherwise, same strategy as idols.

Build Variations Shield We do about 50% more damage with a two-hander but also take 50% more damage from hits (block doesn't work on dots). This version can also push to high arena waves. It is of course slower with less damage but also because more enemies spawn at higher waves and judgement only casts 4 smites. I like playing with a kiting build but feel free to enjoy the shield version.

Take all of the block passives. You won’t benefit from dodge anymore because of the paladin passive “shield wall”. So, take dodge off the belt and chest. You will probably need to take points out of infinite bulwark to afford the block passives. So this version is less reliant on potions. You will also want to take the block nodes in the sigils skill by removing some armor and damage nodes.

Healing for multiplayer
Instead of void smite, you could use the standard fire smite. You lose the 26 base void damage. But the damage in this version is pretty much the same because you benefit from the paladin mastery bonus and you can take the light of rahyeh passive. The movement speed feels really good. The biggest thing you lose is the leech which was needed to counter act the smite sacrifice node.

You may want to put 3 points into smite’s healing area. You won’t always be close enough to enemies to heal yourself but the smite sacrifice will never kill you because it is based on your current health. Maybe this version could be fun in multiplayer where you avoid getting hit and want to heal others.

Devouring Orb
This is a good skill for 60% elemental protection and more aoe damage. You could use this instead of shield rush if you don’t want losing the movement skill.

Leveling New Character Smite can be hard to level with because we need aoe. I'll be updating this section but we are probably going to use shield throw with lava burst. Mcfluffin has a shield throw farming build that we rely on. Once we get judgement, then we can switch to our caster version instead of the throwing skill.

You could do with putting that link on the next line as it’s not displaying the pic.

Unfortunately, the void version of the skill doesn’t heal you (intended). So it could be that the heal from Smite (if you’re close enough) offsets the health loss.

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Thanks, this is good to point out