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Health VRS Armor and Protections Explained

About to put the 2nd suffix on and cant decide whether to go health or protection?! Maybe this will help! If any info is wrong please let me know. Thank you.


Very nice video!
Keep up the good work and I’ll make sure to watch all your videos in order to optimize gear later on :slight_smile:

Great video, you weren’t confusing in the least, great info here, I’ll definitely be gearing more for armor and protections over health for most my builds now, this info should be pinned or stickied.

Good video!

Another thing to consider about armor + protections is that it effectively multiplies your health regen and leech. Since leech is based on damage and regen is granted as flat values rather than a % of your total HP, adding to your maximum HP doesn’t affect your recovery while armor+protections multiplies it.

Consider 100 health and 10 hp/s regen. If you add 100 health you now have 200 effective health vs everything, but you still regen only 10 hp/s.

If you instead add 100 armor+protections, you again have 200 effective health vs everything, but because your actual hp is only 100 and you regen 10 hp/s, you are actually gaining 20 effective hp/s.


This is a very good point I’ll try to show this in the formulas as I also want to add in a part 2 video which includes pros and cons when accounting for damage over time glancing blow and other damage mitigaters

One info I miss or missed :D. Basicly protections increse your eHP vs a dmg type always and don’t need to be replenished. Theoreticly it’s easier to keep your HP up if you have a lot of protections because all mitigated dmg trhough protections is easier to counteract.

That’s new for me. Thought hp regen was % of my total hp like in most other games. Thanks for the info.

I’m not super far into the game, but I haven’t yet seen any regen that is based off %maximum hp.

The regen affix on gear is flat (ie. regen 10 hp/s) and you have skills + affixes that give %increased hp regen which will multiply all your flat regen. Leech and other healing sources similarly have no connection to your max hp size, afaik, so protections become important to make them more effective.

Something else I noticed yesterday while playing is that Ward is calculated in the protection equation as well. Getting a big burst of ward reduces your damage reduction % from protections, the formula looks more like this:

dmgredux% = protections / (hp + protections + ward)

Truthfully the damage reduction % doesn’t actually mean much, it’s just another way of looking at the same result: your total effective HP = hp + protection + ward. Since protection doesn’t degrade with damage it intrinsically holds the most value per point (well it can be affected by shred, but even if it goes to 0 or less you don’t die.)

This is very complicated, making calculations and calculations … I understand that there are people who like it, but I particularly hate it.

Ward is considered health, so yes ward is included in the formula just as you ahve put it.

This is a very good video. Thanks for this. A few weeks ago I damaged my brain by trying to figure out what’s the best way to get more survivability.

I’d like to have a kind of survivability score in addition to the protection %. For new players that don’t dive into the theory that deep it will be confusing that your protection % decreases when you add health to your gear. It looks like a bad thing but in reality it increases your survivability.

Maybe the eHP against each damage type would be a better hint. Or a score value based on the eHP.

I did not compare the crafting ranges for the different affixes, yet. Have anybody of you? If I had to choose to add vitality or health, what would be more effective?

I find it kind of hard to get better gear the higher my chars get. It’s because I have specific protections on my items. So I can’t just switch my old boots for new just because I get more damage or whatever, because I would loose my poison protection for example. Going for universal protections like vitality or attunemend or elemental protection is less effective but easier to do. What are you guys aiming for?

I have a video uploading of a armour and protections werebear that might answer your questions about going vitailite/attunement/elemental protection. He has 80-95% of all resistances :slight_smile:

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