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Health Potions / Utility Potions / New NPC for potions (Idea)

Hey all,

lately i was kinda thinkin about the potion system. First of all, i like it, i don’t really have anything against it…but maybe you could ‘‘improve’’ or add a certain way to make potions feel more unique and interesting in this game.
Let’s compare to other games…i’m a big fan of PoE, but when there is one thing i don’t like it’s probably this nasty OP piano-finger clicking flask system that ruins my wrist after playing so many hours :smiley: Flasks in PoE are so mandatory to survive or deal damage.
What about Grim Dawn…well it’s kinda similar to what we see here in LE, they only add a ‘‘mana potion’’ aswell, but without any affixes, which is kinda boring to play around and loot. But i like that they keep it simple and that potions are not mandatory or in any case build relevant.
So here is my idea to make potions maybe a little bit more interesting and let people play around them for their builds:
Basically it’s a little mix of both the PoE and GD system, by adding the current LE system and a new NPC to provide new potion loot mechanics to add.

Since i like a simple playstyle without smashing keys all the time i would prefer having 2 different kind of potions (health potion, and let’s call the other one ‘‘utility potion’’). I always have my skills on 1,2,3,4 and my potions on Q(health) and E(utility/mana).
I would really like to see this ONE utility flask that you have to choose based on your characters playstyle. You have a map clearer? Let’s use an utility potion that adds movement speed. You are a dmg dealer? Let’s add a crit utility potion giving you +0,5 to 2 base Crit. You are a tank or support class? Let’s add a utility flask that increases your defenses (armor/evasion) for a certain time or increases health regen abilities to allies.

How can we make them interesting? Well LE already has a good implicit system for base (white) items. Maybe you can get a movement speed potion that rolls with ‘‘x to y increased movement speed for 3 to 5 seconds’’ By adding this tiers for implicits it makes it more fun to look for the perfect flask.

How do we get those different utility and health potions? Maybe there could be a new NPC in towns (later the bazaar when you add this to core game) who sells you base utility potions. Let’s call him ‘‘The Alchemist’’. This guy offers you, depending on your character level, different type of base health and utility potions that you can buy.

How do we implement them? Maybe we can add 2 little boxes underneath the idol display in the inventory, one box for the health potion that you always use by pressing health button, one box for the utility potion that you always use by pressing utility button. You can simply drag the new potion in your inventory that you just bought into the box, so that your potion is upgraded to the new one. How many stacks can you have for those 2 different type of potions? Depending on your belt…maybe make the stacks for utility potions a little bit less than health potions to prevent they are getting OP.

How about crafting potions? Why not? Maybe we can add certain crafting materials only for potions so we can add a maximum of one prefix and one suffix.

How do we loot potions? It’s simple. Just the way we loot health potions now, by defeating monsters. Only that we add this utility potion that you autopickup as well by going over it.

What about legendary potions? This is probably a topic that maybe goes more into the PoE direction (making flasks/potions too strong and mandatory), but as useless the potion system in Diablo 3 is, i kinda liked it to add a legendary potion that gives me a unique effect for a short period (if your build really needs it).

One thing i have to add. Potions should never be able to constantly spam by players! They should never feel too strong. You should use it at the right moment at a boss fight or in a moment where you struggle against enemies.

What are your thoughts? Do you like the current situation? Would you like to see potions more impactful, would you leave it the way it is?
Thanks for your feedback and ideas!

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This is a nice suggestion, I like it. There could be an alchemist npc. You bring him herbs, he mixes potions for you.

While I find it good to “improve” the potions system I have to admit that I am definitely under using potions. There are some benefits in passive skilltrees and also affixes like “increased ignite chance or dodge raiting”. I could make use of it but I don’t because I have the feeling I could use this passive points or affix slots for “better” things.

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Thx! I also like the interaction with the npc that you mentioned. It’s kinda a leveling process for the npc aswell, the more herbs/components you bring him, the more experience he gets. So basically he can guarantee you mixing a better potion as an outcome! Cool stuff!
And yes, same for me. I also look for different passive points more relating to my build and strenght of that skill.

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