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Health Leech

Can´t find a answer to my question anywhere! does anyone knows if Health leech actually caps at 7%?

Edit - changed this thread to bug report. I think it is a character sheet bug

You can have tons of leech I don’t know of any caps. If there are some they are pretty new ^^.

While you can indeed get a lot of leech, i have noticed when you craft leech you get a %leech of damage on hit and a % increased leech, which would indicate there is a cap somewhere. Not sure if its a % of max health per sec or a flat rate, but its not written anywhere. The lich in reaper gets 40% leech and gets it so it would be IMO that the cap would be super hard to hit on other chars if there is one.

There’s no leech cap. %increased leech is simply multiplicative to flat leech, as in 5% flat leech and 40% increased is 5 * 1.4 = 7% leech.

Leech is a regen effect, so once you hit high values, it may be harder to really notice the regen getting faster. Obviously it’s a lot easier to notice the difference between 0 and 5% as it is 5 to 10%.

Where did you hear leech had a 7% cap btw?

Probably their stat sheet, thinking about it now I have a few characters with 7% leech, never bothered to add it together but a few have 7%

I just tought there was a cap because even though i have more than 7 ( 6 on the unique amulet and some more on gear) it says i have 7 on the character sheet

That’s due to the stats not showing conditional effects (such as leech on melee hit) or skill specific effects (unless it’s a global buff from a skill).

I think it was bugged. This session looked it up again and it was 9 without changing nothing

Actually i really think is bugged in the character sheet. Now i went above 10 and it is stuck at 8… Can’t understand what is happening though

Changing this thread to bug report

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