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Healing on block questions


hi guys,

I’m playing Hammerdin atm and going for max block.

There are 2 skills that grants +HP on block - Faithful (Paladin) and Aegis of renewal (Sentinel).

Is it ok to take them both at the same time? or are the somehow mutually exclusive or interfere wwith each other?

Holy Symbol (paladin) only affects Faithul and not Aegis, right?



You can take them both from my understanding as I’m using both right now and getting heals from both sources. I’ve seen my hp dip and blocks come up on screen w/o attacking and my hp shoots back up to full.


Personally I didn’t bother with Aegis.

Faithful is a healing spell which benefits from healing effectiveness and subsequently triggers Prayer. The benefit from healing effectiveness therein increases the value of Holy Symbol and Valor (though I am finding the latter better for my build since elemental protection is easier to come by).