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Healing companions via mouseover on their portraits?

I’ve been playing a Beastmaster the last couple days trying new skills out and one thing I’ve come across that is very cumbersome is trying to heal your companion(s) during combat in a giant pile of mobs as it’s near impossible to target the one you want to heal especially while also trying to avoid projectiles/void zones under your own feet at the same time.

Being able to mouse-over target heal the portraits (in my case 3 wolves and a sabretooth) would be so much simpler.

As it stands I have to fire off a few into the crowd and hope I hit the one I’m trying to heal, hopefully hitting it or another one that needs it, or failing that going OOM spamming the heal trying to hit the one thats about to die but self-healing myself when already at 100 because an enemy moved under my mouseover in an instant. Result being you have to wait until the wave ends or area is clear, rez and then move around until your companions space themselves out properly around you, then find the one you need to heal and top it up before moving on.

Edit: Added a screenshot to help illustrate things. Even with just 1 big enemy and Minion HP bars showing it’s tricky to target them. And I’m about to get rocked by a frost projectile!


Agree, If there is a button to heal yourself using a potion, one to heal your minions wouldn’t be a bad alternative.

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Another idea would be to always heal the pet with lowest % health.

Good idea!

This guy has been toying with all classes, and mastering them. I advise testing them out, and seeing them from personal experience.

Been following Wex’s warpath guide and gave me hope for the game, and continuing the hope. :slight_smile:

I agree!

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