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HC Ladder (Arena Token revive)

Hi guys,

I kinda don´t like how the HC Ladder works! Arena is fine for Softcore, cause this makes SC Ladder skilldependend. It kinda suxx for HC, cause u need to push the limits, but that´s always a bad idea in HC! So basically u should lvl to 100 and than do one big push!

To avoid that I´d suggest that u can find arena tokens, that revive u if u die in arena! Than u can push as high as u can, meaning until u die. This would make HC Ladder way more meaningfull!

Kind regards

That would defeat the purpose of HC, wouldn’t it?


For me it wouldn´t cause u can still die searching the tokens! Besides that, u can make it so that u have to spend the Tokens before the run! Are u playing hardcore?

In PoE u can´t die during PvP! PoE is still very HC! :o

Lore wise u would travel to another time and be brought back to the past after the run!

So the loader is just an arena, not just a game. I agree that going and checking what you are capable of makes no sense, because it means that you need to kill your character. This has nothing to do with careful playing hardcore.

I would like that in the arena, if you could not complete part of the waves, the character left the arena and lost everything that he received during his stay on it. That is - or the character passes, because he can, or is losing, and can not finish it.

When I ran the week-long Nemesis race on the path of exile, I knew that most likely I would lose the character, but it was a week-long New Year’s race. Nevertheless, playing on the self-found hardcore - I entered the top 40 prize ladders. Here, the arena provides nothing, just a ladder.

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Unlikely this will ever be put in since it defeats the purpose of HC. If you want to push a character and test it and see its limits… SC is where you need to be :slight_smile:


Only if they change the goal and make it final.
For example, Grim Dawn is an arena in the makeup for a long time, but there are specific rewards and it is finite, the character either passes it or not.
Here the arena is essentially endless, i.e. the only reward is that you could do better than someone else and that’s it. This will cause a negative in terms of class balance. After all, if there is no end goal, then some class will always be better.
I believe that this is not correct - the player should be able to get what is required by the selected class.

Here the arena cannot be passed, the result is always the death of the character. This does not make sense on hardcore.


I play only HC seasonal in different games like PoE and D3. Not yet in Last Epoch since i’m totally discovering every aspect of the game as now.

To come back to the subject, I feel like Arena is meant to be a good part (if not the best part to test your build and shine) of the end game.
But interestingly it’s not where you farm your gear. It’s not where you polish your build. The monolith is there to serve this purpose. You engage with arena ONLY when you feel ready, or when you want to have an idea of what your build is capable of.

The sole purpose of arena, is to push as high as you can, to overcome yourself (and other players). It should not be meaningless. When engaging that kind of content, knowing that you can “actually die without incidence” would totally break the feeling of playing HC.

You’re competing against others, so if you wanna climb the ladder you have to put your life on the line. The reward is your name in the ladder. Other people looking at it and thinking to themselves, “the mad lad he did it : 200 waves !”

The main appeal of playing HC is to show that you have a deep understanding of what you’re capable to do or face with you build. Knowing your limit, and pushing them bit by bit.

So maybe a system like in Diablo 3 where you take a passive (or several points) that could give you a very high CD “revive” or “invulnerability” proc on death could be interesting. That would let you push hard the content, but still put you at risk.

Edit : Arguments and typos

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The D3 System isn´t the best, cause it just let´s u wait until the cooldown is off! Than there are the guys who don´t care, and keep pushing. Me is the guy who always pushed to top100 and than gave up, cause I was never willing to farm enough paragon to be rdy to make one doompush! For me it´s so stupid to spend days of playtime to prepare for one doompush!

But I got that ppl don´t like my idea, so maybe it would be best to make HC Ladder NOT depending on arena! Or everything remains and I will hopefully not care about ladder!

€: By giving up I mean stop playing D3!

I think everyone who picks the HC mode knows whats ahead of them. If you change the death restrictions of the HC mode what do you have after? SC+ or HC for the scared? I know why I don’t play HC anymore and I’m fine with it and if HC is to much for anyone don’t feel forced to play the game mode. Easy as that from my point of view.

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I only enjoy HC, and I know what´s ahead of me! That doesn´t mean I´m willing to put my char on a trip without return! :o: Eather I Play HC or I don´t play! Losing a very valuable item would be enough lore and risk for me peronally! Saying that, I know ppl feel different!

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I get your point of view but HC was always about risk and without the Risk of dead = dead for good HC isn’t HC anymore from my point of view. If you die in every other game on HC the toon is gone, why should this be different for LE? On top of it endgame will change a bit and afaik Arena is a placeholder for endgame content.

That´s just not true! In PoE u don´t die if u die during PvP! In Diablo III u keep all u´r paragon. It should be implemented, cause a ladder where u have to die to fully compete doesn´t make sence in HC!

I get you´re point aswell! :slight_smile:

If they change arena than it´s not necessary, I wouldn´t mind it tho!

Agreed, HC is HC, no revives plx

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Nobody does PvP in PoE. And even if some people enjoy PVP, it’s totally irrelevant to what we’re discussing about here.
Instead, PoE has something very much “alike” the arena system in LE which is delving. It’s scaling infinitely and it’s up to you to keep pushing or not. There is also a ladder. Guess what ? if you die there you’ll stay dead.

Back to D3, you still lose your character. You do keep the paragons, that’s true. But if it is a good thing or not it’s up to debate. Parangons have splitted the D3 community in half, and have trivialized a lot of content.

You lose your character in LE. But you still keep all the spare gear, and ongoing crafting gear as well you have hoarded. Which makes your next character easier…

I don´t like paragon System at all! Just mentioned it, cause it´s a point for there being mechanics working against dead is dead! The main ladder in PoE is not delve tho but lvl!

But basically it doesn´t matter. I´m too bad a player to be in any relevant spot in the ladder anyways as soon as the game is puplished and ppl don´t like my idea! So all that´s to do is me not being stupid and not pushing ladder!^^

So, we actually tried allowing HC players to come back from arena deaths early in the beta and we got a very clear response from the community. We don’t currently have plans to allow HC players to come back from death in HC still. We are still considering allowing HC players to transition into SC after they die, not decided yet though.


Thx for responce! So I´m not the only idiot who figured that might be a good idea! :slight_smile: Letting players always return from arena is something I don´t like aswell!

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