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Haven't played since 7.5... How's it so far?

So I haven’t yet checked out idol, the new more fluent combat, and all the other changes from patch 7.6.

Now with 7.7 comes shrines! Overhauled graphics, and some other beats - especially for my beloved acolyte yey.

So how’s your experience with the 7.6 changes so far, especially with the idols and the improved combat? I imagine idols add a very fresh flavor to the overall costumization-part of your character. Is it so, and how so?

If it’s kinda cool, I think about checking out patch 7.7 with additions I’m generally really excited about (especially the graphical update!)

Curious for your impressions so far :slight_smile:

GOAT. Not sure how you got yourself to stop playing? Rehab?

Path of Exile

Psh. Thats not a Reason to leave thats just an excuse

More Details on the Question asked? :stuck_out_tongue: I´m an unregular, laid-back gamer. Last Epoch is the game, I usually enjoy. PoE is too “much” for my “regular”, Diablo 3 too “dumbed” :slight_smile:

So, hows it with the Idols ? And a Little to say About the Combat-fluidity-update? :smiley:

I see where you coming from.

I know alot of people that enjoy or will enjoy this game when it’s released because it’s a midleground between overwhelming PoE and watered down D3. Complexity-wise i think it’s sits right besides Grim Dawn which is perfect, even though both games do some things different.

So regarding Idols, they really are a good way to push your build this little extra.
I can’t speak for all classes but i mostly played acolyth and most of the Idols are usefull and some really can make a build super great.

I wouldn’t call them game changing or game breaking, basically they just give a lot of specialized stats for a certain playstyle, which allows you to focus the rest of your usual gear towards other stats.
(For an example, there is an Idol for the Lich’s Aura of Decay( which deals Poison Damage to yourself) that gives massive amounts of poison resistance, so you basically can go for other stats on your regular gear instead of stacking poison resistance on every other gear pieces.

Some Idols also give special proc’s, but what most Idols have in common are they revolve around a certain skill or mechanic of the class.

There are also some pretty general Idols which are also ncie in some situation, since you can stack multiple Idols.

All in all i would call the System a really good addition to build Depth and more items to hunt.

Sounds like a neat addition to theory raft around! Thanks @heavy :)) happy to dive into the game once again

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