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Hardcore, Solo, Masochist


Jo jo jo :smiley:

Finished Act 1, lvl28 now!

Boss was really easy, was fast down i didnt get hit.
Not sure if i try some Monolith now or go on Story, but hey, i m in the End of Time :sweat_smile:


Im taking it slow I gotta go run some errands now.Feeling pretty happy I got positive fire damage woot! I only got one legend drop so far the ring that makes trees.Those void clerics are scary as hell I was so close to death many times with no potions running for my life.lesson learned take it slow and clear all mobs cause those things aggro everything 3 screens away .


Here we go, my first Key, WooHoo :sweat_smile::wink:

Will upload a Video tomorrow with some cutscenes so far.
Monolith was really hard, especially the 5th run


ok I just got kicked in the junk.damn got a bad spawn with 3 necros that make the skellies they all had regenerate health when not taking damage and I couldn’t get through the skellies.I just didn’t have the tools to deal with them ended up freezing them and running after about 5 minutes to try to lose aggro and it was downhill after that.Hurts bad man maybe ill try later but this hurts to bad to even look at the game :slight_smile: I would have been ok if I had blackhole or pierce on my fireball.


As i said, here is a Video, include all Bosses, some Scenes from Akt 1 and Monolith


I have to mute the music, but nicely done otherwise. :slight_smile: You made me notice about the two chests in Council Chamber in an earlier video btw, though I have always received white items so far.


hm :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what Kind of Music do u prefer?

thx :slightly_smiling_face:


I was 28 I think just regeared and everything too.


Damn, that hurts, sorry to hear that. My Mage is at lvl 32 and at the ship level. Really trying not to over-level my character, been skipping some optional maps. Hopefully Monolith won’t be such a hassle then, if he makes it this far. Trying out Black Hole for the first time, really looking forward to unlock the 4th specialization at lvl 34. Quite a lot of characters died the last few days, always between 17-23, tried warpath with a 2h even, made it to lvl 22 I think (it was torture), but then a tail swipe got him.
@Fetznfritz It’s your video, don’t have to cater to my taste, I’m old. :wink:

Edit: I’m happy to report that my mage made it to the shore. :slight_smile:


His friends call him “Ellyn the Lucky”

7 Uniques found by level 23. I’ve others at higher levels who haven’t found any. I’m using most of the uniques, even though they aren’t really optimal, just because, well, why not? :smiley:

Edited to add: Ok, this is just getting silly now… another ‘Close Call’ shield, and ‘Reach of the Grave’…still level 24. My acolyte characters are looking at the ‘Solo’ setting and shaking their heads, sadly :smiley:



I reached May’Elka now @ lvl 40 and mastered to Necro….

Actually i m pretty fine here, basically it was just a run trough. I m happy to reach the Deserts, more space for me and my Minions, small Areas are a torture since they block me and i cant escape. If the time comes, i m sure the minions will be the reason for my death not the enemies.

But never get to careless! As i finsished “A study in time” i was closed to die in Imperial Welryn because i thought I dont need to care About that “low” lvl Monsters… ähm, yes, they can easylie RiP u too. even if u are @lvl 35+

This remember me to the most important Thing here… u are never save!


Well, back at Monolith again. Jareth, the 10th just showed Zerrick how it’s done. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure he’s done for pretty soon. :wink: Reactive Ward saved my ass pretty early on, I’d suggest taking it asap when you are playing Mage. Black Hole is pretty decent too.

Edit: First arena key. :slight_smile:

I’m gone if I die in arena, correct?


Yes, they changed it. Arena Death is RiP Char…
I ve decided to play act 2 first.
If i come back to the end of time i will enter arena but i guess my Necro Summoner wont get far


Thanks, man. I remember reading something about that in one of the patch notes, just wanted to make sure. Prolly gonna do the first 5 waves and be done with it.
Edit: I almost died in the zone right before Zerrick, some skeletons with fire spells, pretty short one too, so be careful. Zerrick should not be a problem though.
Edit2: And done. Didn’t try to push my luck.

Guess I’m done now, no more quests. :wink:

Edit3: Died at lvl49. One-shot kill. It has been a very good run.

Played a bit of Primalist before that, he made it to lvl25 and finishing act1, also got hit by a tail swipe I think. Was pretty good for my first attempt.


This is how the Story ends…

1-Hit, pretty unexcepted. Just lvled up to 42… but my Minions killed them all, my Revenge haha

Maybe I will try a Primalist too, or a 3rd Acolyte…


Good going!

I now have three at level 25…would have been 4, but the Sentinel got one-shot by a tail-swipe from a smouldering Lithrac. Or whatever they’re called…back to level 1 for him :smiley:

With the primalist I found it slow to begin with, but with the Sabretooth in preference to the wolves, and a bunch of attunement to increase the damage output of the Thorn Totems, he’s very effective. To the point where it’s starting to feel easy, and I’m probably going to get him killed :smiley:


That’s too bad, man, you have been doing great so far.
@Ula_Fey Those tail swipes will eventually get you, 3 of my last 4 characters died to these.

I have made peace with the fact that there is only one way that this adventure will end, and have been pretty calm when my mage died, had completed 7 monolith timelines when it happened. It helps that I kinda reached the goal that I had set for this.

I just completed all quests with my mage in SC, level 39 now, going Spellblade, waiting to hit level 58 for my Volcanus. It’s so much fun, had some stuff lying around that I found with my two Sentinels so far. :wink:

But I think my time with HSM so far kinda enriches the fun I am having in SC now, it’s payback time. :laughing:


This picture is a solid 10/10. It’s soo true and accurate–void is always what kills me D=

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