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Hardcore, Solo, Masochist


Loving reading these posts :slight_smile: Possibly because ‘misery loves company’ :smiley:

I have got Arbain the primalist back to the council chambers, although he’s up to Arbain the fifth, I think? I got frustrated with using the thorn totems and tried a more aggressive approach using just the wolf, fury leap and swipe. It’s working surprisingly well so far but I suspect it’ll be a different story once I get out into the Archive.

Ellyn the mage is now Ellyn the seventh. He got absolutely wrecked by the first of Pannion’s students in the very first part of the archive. Several restarts later, and several times failing to even reach the council chambers, I think I’ve got an approach that might work. I keep dying to fireballs whilst running away, which is embarrassing because they’re slow and should be easy enough to dodge :blush:

If I can get Ellyn back to the council chambers, I think I’ll take the sentinel out for another go… :smiley:

Oh yeah, and I’ve been having a run of really bad luck with loot drops, which highlights how much RNG makes a difference to the first couple of levels.


Made it to level 33 and Imperial Welryn. :slight_smile:

Absolutely no luck with my drops so far, still using that level 11 sword and my damage output kinda sucks, found 3 unique and 2 set items as you can see in the picture, can’t use any of that, should have played Mage. :wink:
With the exception of 2 items every single thing I am wearing is already fractured, fate has not been kind so far.
Switching between Holy Aura and Juggernaut Stance, last one is so slow, just use it for boss fights. I thought I was prepared for the necrotic damage in Imperial Era, but the first Soul Spear that hit me almost got me good. Otherwise it’s been pretty painless. Went into a building with Shield Rush once and panicked, but didn’t rip.

Still not sure if I should have gone for Forge Guard or not, testing Judgement right now, and it’s ok I guess? Doesn’t have a skill tree yet though, maybe I’ll switch back to Healing Hand or JUggernaut. Just wanted to have my resistances up, that’s why I went with the Paladin route.
Fights are taking way too long at the moment, but I am not taking too much damage, so it’s fine? Really need decent gear.
Got a bit careless in the last session, was kiting a lot of enemies in one area, to prepare for my Shield Rush and Erasing Strike and my character suddenly stopped in the middle of my Shield Rush, surrounded by a huge pack of enemies and before I was able to react with Erasing Strike, they almost got me, was the closest I got to death besides my first Soul Spear encounter. Well, after the first few hours of course.
If anyone has some tips concerning Paladin skills I’d gladly hear 'em, don’t have a SC character using these skills (besides one character using for Holy Aura).
But it was fun weekend leveling him up, and thanks again to @Ula_Fey, if you would not have started this thread I would have never experienced it. You really have a knack for writing, you should look into that. :slight_smile:


I should have stopped playing. :frowning:

So, 10 minutes later, the shock has worn off (hopefully I didn’t wake up any of my neighbours) and man, those Chimera. Two of those right at the waypoint, managed to kill one of them at least. That will show 'em. :wink:

Will definitely try again, maybe with another class. But man, that was quite a punch in the gut. Should have taken better precaution concerning necrotic resistances, especially after my previous Soul Spear encounter.


Oh no!

That’s a bloody good run though, @Colfari, especially given the fact that you had no luck with drops/crafting. RNG can be a boon, or it can be a bitch.

Given that you’ve got the furthest, so far, of anyone that’s been posting in the thread, what have you found to be the most important thing to concentrate on? What would/will you do different next time?

Good write-up, too, although you need to work on your happy-endings :slight_smile:

I made the schoolboy error of thinking I’d just ‘pop in game for half an hour’ last night, with the result that I’m now down to one surviving character - three stupid deaths caused by lack of attention. I’m going to see how far I can keep my remaining mage alive, then restart an Acolyte, and hopefully apply everything I’ve learned so far. You’ve set a high bar with level 33, so there’s something to aim for now :slight_smile:


Well, first of all, don’t play when you are tired, sounds easy, but when the game has a grip on you it’s hard to let go, especially in this mode. I thought I was finished when I wrote the first post but thought: one more waypoint and started again. I have been playing a couple of hours on end before (just this character), and this would be my second advice: don’t play for too long. You will definitely lose attention (just as you wrote) and even if you think you have everything under control and hardly take any damage, take breaks in your play sessions, so you are better prepared when something doesn’t go your way.
Always be aware that one tiny misstep and you’re toast, this can not be stressed enough (and you will forget about it in a 3-4 hour session). I have been on a good run with my character, even thought that there is no way I will die after surviving the first crucial hours and stacking defenses, Void monsters were no problem at all, didn’t even have to dodge these void-fused earth monsters, this played well into my own hubris, I thought I was invincible at that point.

My advice for the first hours: concentrate on fire protection and once you made it to Council Chambers do the same with void protection, doesn’t matter if the item itself is crap. I was over 50% void resistances in Ruined Era, even the end boss was no problem, like at all, wasn’t even close (but don’t let that get to your head). Once you are in Imperial Era, for the love of god, try to get necrotic protection to the same level, I have been at 36%, and it’s just not enough, especially if you don’t have that much room to maneuver (see my death screen, 2 chimeras on a tiny platform with 3 exits, if you don’t hit those when you realize that you are in way over your head, you’re gone).
What would I do differently? I’d say not going all in on defenses (even after writing this whole spiel), and doing more damage ( I mean my dps sheet said 63 with level 33, which is a joke). It’s more fun that way. I have been writing this at work between calls, so hopefully it isn’t total nonsense.


I think to manage complete Akt1 is already insane, doesnt matter which class…

The Monsters I personally hate most in the game (so far)

So whats more to say then RIP :frowning:


Yeah, they are the worst. I mean I can get with their head picking like a chicken, though it does hurt quite a lot, but man, that necrowave thing they are blasting (or death screech as it is called) is just ridiculous. I hardly had any time to react to it and was just gone. Usually most enemies have a pretty good tell when it comes to their attacks (see Soul Spear), but don’t know if I just didn’t pick up on it fast enough or if it just sucks for these creatures. Also doesn’t help that I can hardly see Skeletons in some areas (have to put some settings on low to get it running 60fps-ish), especially those that fire these lighning orbs, which I can see clearly, but not the enemy itself.


Yay, my second Acolyte made it to Council Chambers ^^


I`m on the Train now. Acolyte lvl 11, half way through the armoury! I thought I been invincible for many times and almost death got a grip on me, for 4-5 times so far lol. These void beasts just beam from any direction and screen-Splash their liquid violett sushh on you, gosh.

(If I get thus far) I`m quite happy the way it goes and going to continue with hungering Souls for DPS, rip blood for enemy debuff and minion buffing, blood Golem with leech and +armor to minions, ideally 2 small versions of them, and the “massive armor+protection when resummoned” node.

Since Skeleton-melee seems squisy as of yet, but do-able, I have yet stayed with 3 mages 3 melee skelles. And it Plays well lol I will stick to the combination. The melee`s Always run infront and away and dont protect me at all, but the mages do stick with me. So when either dies, there are 2 collonies.

Let`s see if I get to lvl 20 and afar to test it out.

It`s fun though- every drop is important. I craft me a Shield with +% minion Health, + elemental protection and +void resistance. Although minor, it has Impact!^^ and I´m getting nuts for every other crafting mat i get my Hands on :smiley:

hardcore (solo-Masochist) is funny. (until you die, of Course).

edit: died lvl 14 to a Poison Cloud from spriggan :open_mouth: no one told me how fast that can kill :frowning:


I tried with sentinel it’s so hard, always die at the bird boss lol. My best is level is level 15 with acolyte so far.


Thx for the Idea.
I have created my first Primalist for HSM.
Will report on my progress/regress.
Let us keep this thread active and build a nice masochistic community.


I think I’m going to throw in the towel (for now!) on the HC part, I just don’t have the spare time, but I think all my characters going forwards are going to be played on Masochist mode. I love the challenge.


Ok… here we go :slight_smile:
So far so good.

I ve made all the way through Abounded Tunnels --> Last Refuge to earn the 2 extra Passiv Points.
It tooks like forever because i must extremly watch out what i do with my Minions in those small Caves that they dont block me…

Before i run some Areas 2 times to lvl up, farm Gold, buy as much “Rune of Shattering” as i could in order to get the shards i need.

But finished for today, Goal is now to finish Act1 but really not sure if i can beat the Boss and the through Temple will not be easy^^


You’re fine with void protection, I’d suggest playing the boss on SC first before that, so you’re not suprised in case you have forgotten something. But I found him relatively moderate in comparison to other enemies I have encountered before (as I have mentioned above), so don’t clench up too hard before going in, I did that and died (on other bosses, the first one for example), so don’t be afraid. You’ll see pretty early on if it’s dangerous or not. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Godspeed!


Yeah, i played this like 10 times in SC since Alpha & Beta but not Masochist.
I normally like “Brain AFK” Grinding :smiley:
But Always Play HC since D2 here and then.

Actually i m far away to can beat the Akt1 Boss.
I guess i will farm Temple before to Char lvl 30+ (if i survive it), my minions have -11% damage atm with 3 Items Minion DMG… yeah, thats a MINUS :frowning:

I also look for Necrotic and Poison Resis, thx for your advice!


Du machst das schon. :slight_smile:


Yea Level 20 with my sentinel, dodge is pretty broken with block chance



Hopeless Bob the Sentinel has been letting the side down again. He was at level 12, then he made some bad life choices… :slight_smile:


My Welfur the First died to Error 40 with level 2 ;( I read the chat and did not pay attention, stupid mistake.
Welfur the Second is still alive and kicking with level 5 at the moment.


I really don’t know how you manage so many characters at the same time, you have already gone mad I’m afraid. :wink:
I have been trying the mage btw, died 2 times before I even reached the Council Chambers. First thought, hmm, this is way easier and you already know the rest. Currently on my 14th Sentinel, I was trying some stuff out with the last three Sentinels, which didn’t work obviously and currently at lvl 11. Even found a couple of good items so far, even 2 uniques, The Slab, which I am not using anymore and Arboreal Circuit, which I am still wearing, but not for long I think. The minion it spawns sometimes is a pretty good help though, drawing attention, and so is the movement speed. But it has nothing else going for it and have no other minions to take advantage of the +300 minion armor. I hardly play SC anymore by the way. The first Monolith run I did with my lvl78 SC Sentinel after PJ10 died was pretty funny though, I was in awe at almost every item that dropped, couldn’t believe those stats after having played hc for so long and being dealt bad hands there. Of course they were trash for my character at that level, couldn’t use any of it, but they all looked so magical. :slight_smile: