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Hardcore arena death bug

Hi there,

Around 30 minutes ago (2:20pm AEDT) my level 53 hardcore sorcerer died in arena and was transferred back to softcore, which I understand from the patch note six month ago that this should not happen (i.e Deaths in the Arena do not count for the purposes of ending hardcore characters and removing the “Deathless” status from a character).

The character name is SKYLINEBABY (although it’s now level 54), and I’d be grateful if you can recover this character back to hardcore or create a replica of this character in hardcore on my account. I know it’s beta, but it’s still very very frustrating to lose a hardcore character (that I’ve committed a lot of time and effort into gearing it for survivability) in this manner.



This is working as intended;

You are right - thanks a lot for clarifying.

Another bug I found was that the hybrid leech affix (i.e. damage leech on hit) does not work for throwing attacks. Something similar I found also was that the sorcerer’s skill that grant 10 wards for fire/lightning/cold spell on hit also doesn’t work when I cast lighting/cold elemental nova. I wonder whether I have misinterpreted the mechanic or is there a bug going on with the “XXX on hit” mechanic?

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