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Happy Little Accident

Hi there, today I bought copy of Last Epoch on STEAM. Then, i registered in your service. But idk why, probalby wrote bad e-mail adress. When I finished 5h gameplay, I wanted to check my account… then, when I typed email adress and pass system shouts that’s incorrect.
So, checked my e-mail adress (hope, good)… and I couldn’t fin any e-mail from u.
Is any option to check is my e-mail adress is correct? I don’t want to lose my progress…

My bad, my apologises. Next time i will look at any letter on my e-mail adress.


Please reach out to us directly through our support site. We are unable to handle account issues such as this one over a public forum due to the sensitive nature of the discussion.

It’s always helpful if we can either be shown a screenshot of an error message or be told exactly what it says. The more vague you are, the less information we have with which to help.

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