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Handful of issues I noticed as Beastmaster

  1. Eterra’s Blessing cast through Frenzy Totem’s Healing Pulse doesn’t seem to use a spec’d version of the skill, the node implies that the spell is cast from the player so this seems like it’s wrong.

  2. Frenzy Totem’s Lead the Pack increases crit chance on the character sheet for a split second and then drops back down.

  3. Scorpion doesn’t leap with the player with Fury Leap’s Pack Leader node

not really an issue but i like it: 4. Scorpion gets really, really big sometimes. I think it’s Eterra’s Blessing mixing with the size increase nodes from Scorpion but sometimes he gets locked into Kaiju size for a map.

#2 is a known issue (ring of shields heal is similarly afflicted), #3 isn’t a bug since the node specifies wolves, sabertooth and Raptors jump with you. #1 probably isn’t a bug either since minions don’t generally use your skill tree when casting a skill so they probably need to tidy up the skill node description.

oof. ok, yeah #3 is weird because the description says that, but the added bonus part just says “Companions leap with you”, so my bad on reading it wrong

and i kinda figured that for #1, so it may well be an issue with the description except, i believe, it will use the increased healing nodes if they’re spec’d, which feels like it’s specifically not using the buffs.