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Hammer Throw Questions


Here is my Hammer Throw skill passives:

Hammer Throw

Sword + Shield, hammer throw doesn’t use you weapon damage at all. Throwing damage/speed -> void damage -> phys damage for damage scaling. Get your glancing blow % and block % way up and you’ll be super tanky.


@Dmillz Thank you!

Did u go forge guard?

so weapon is only a stat stick?


Yes I went Forge Guard. The high level passives for Paladin and Void Knight were pretty underwhelming for Hammer Throw IMO. That said I’m starting to value defence more and more because the damage is really high so getting more doesn’t feel like it does anything.

Yes weapon is only a stat stick.


thank you for the input.

could u please advise on the mods / crafts I shall look for on my weapon?


Throwing Damage/Speed -> Void % (if you have the void damage aura node) -> phys %.


TY mate!


have u ever had a chance to try stun chance and increased dmg against stunned enemies? I wander what it looks like in comparison to void dmg route.


Basically just stack the damage type you are using. Void, fire whatever. Then Throw attack damage. If youre not trying crit I would just go defense after that.

edit: my weapon is void dmg, protection


Thanks. Still wandering about how stun works in this game and if its worth it,


Haven’t tried it as it would require a massive respec for my character. Sorry!

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