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Hammer Throw + Futur Strike

I’m trying to use Hammer throw with Futur strike Passive skill, but it doesn’t seem to work.
“Whenever you hit and ennemy, you have a chance to inflict Futur strike” It doesn’t say Melee hit, but it doesn’t seem to work with hammer throw. Can anyone help confirmed if its working for them?

You need to hit the target with the hammer, not the void AoE. Also it depends on how much your chance to proc it is.

After Reaching the 100% chance, it is working fine. I feel it needs a better visual indication of when it triggers.

Also I don’t understand what you are refering to with " not the void AoE". Are you talking about skill specilization that gives a damaging void aura to the hammers?

Yes. The AoE from that node doesn’t count as a hit from memory.