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Hammer Throw for returning noob

Hi guys,
I just came back home with a new laptop and will finally be able to do some LE.
I remember running a hammerdin with hammers going round me with void aura…I really liked it, back to D2 days…

Is it still viable?

Can u recommend some must have passives?

Is Void knight and Forge guard ok for this build?

any tips?


It’s viable for everything including end game arena. I play it as a Paladin currently. I haven’t had as much time to play recently but I also have a forge guard to see which is better . He’s still leveling though.

As far as passives I have a beginners guide here on page 1 and it talks specifically about the skill nodes to take, some of the passives etc. should get you started back up again.

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I foud it…ty mate! can u link a crafting guide please?


Hehe I don’t know where one is :rofl: hopefully someone else can point you in the right direction.

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There is this guide which has good information on the basics of crafting. There is also this guide which very good and while it hasn’t updated since 0.7.0f, it hasn’t needed too since nothing has really changed outside of shift-right click making it easier to move things and some graphical changes.

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Thank u guys!

Weapon is just a stat stick for hammer throw, right?

And I shall look for throw dmg and attack speed mostly?

Life on block is worth it?

Forge guard or Paladin?


With rings there is a affix that adds flat physical throwing damage and reduces mana cost by 3 which I really like, I use %throwing damage on my amulet and I also get the glancing blow set prefix on it which takes up the only other slot for damage.

I mostly do physical damage with hammer throw so I add %physical damage to my weapon which does in fact increase all physical damage ranging from on hit to damage over time such as bleed. I also crit a fair amount of the time so I get crit multi though I could just get %crit chance too to crit more often.

I went paladin because I really wanted holy aura but I have felt it lacks somewhat damage wise when I compare it to when I played forge guard. honestly either one will probably be just as good. If you have problems with mana costs I recommend grabbing volatile reversal by spending 5 points in void knight, it solved all my mana problems as long as I time it right and adds some damage too.

Life on block is worth it if you spec block, though if you are playing sentinel with a shield I don’t see why you wouldn’t.


Thank you!
Forge guardcreally tickled my fancy with tha thrown passives higher up on the tree so i will go FG.
in the past i had hammers orbiting me but this time around i decided to go different route and i throw tgem straight ahead, 5 of them, with this void aura. Its amazing how far they travel, killing mobs waay off screen.
Im speccing block as i can really see it work.
I always spec for defence as dead = 0 dps :wink:
I guess i will add void dmg as well now tgat i spec void on my hammer.
Potential us there, but my gear lacks. Just hit clvl 20.

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I still think hammer throw is the best Sentinel leveling skill. I recommend getting the void aura as soon as possible.

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