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Great Vine Dmg bug!

Good day everyone! As you know i love spriggan form! its actually my favorite skill. even made a unique item for it! but here i am today to admit i have found an unethical exploit involving the great vine passive node for spriggan form! Now here is a clip to show off its dmg. i know the numbers aint that big but thats because i stopped the dmg bug sooner!

Explanation of bug: So after seeing me 1 great vine 3 tap maybe 2 tap the boss! Let me explains my on how i got this to happen! keep in mind i could scale the damage as high as i want! So first on the spriggan form skill tree you just rush great vine passive! this is all you need outside of course spriggan form itself! now when you use the vine at first it will do very little damage! But if you stand still and transform into spriggan and leave form and repeat this a few times! With the Help of HolyCoffee we have made the theory that the great vine passive adding your base damage on the skill for each time you transform! This will not stop until you close the game entirely! Death does not stop the damage from adding up infinitely! You dont need gear or anything to replicate this damage spike! it will just take longer! Higher your base dmg is the bigger your additive jump for each transformation! You can keep doing this until you reach 30-40K is the highest i was willing to sit there and do it for before i got bored! So with this information in the hands of the devs now i hope this will get fixed cause i feel its a huge exploit! I’ll be placing a link to my VoD for the entire stream to see how i replicated it and shown how the damage would gain over time how i realized and started putting this together in real time!

Minor bugs: Now after talking about that huge dmg bug. i also found an annoying minor bug that just makes the skill a little more annoying to use and deal with! can find it also in my VoD
but the bug begins with the inclines can make the great vine summon underground! Clip to show

Thank you for your time and hardwork!
Sign : QuietForMe

Link to full VoD :

Thanks for the report. I’ve tested internally and what seems to be happening is that the health and damage buff from the Great Vine node is stacking on each vine you summon, so each vine is stronger than the last.

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Thank you for your hard work. and explanation. makes sense now why i could hit insane numbers! Just got my Pc working again sorry for late response!

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