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I currently run 4gb gddr5 amd video card on a recently new computer. Settings are maxed but even when they are not my GPU sits at 85-95% when running last epoch.

Anyone else struggling with FPS? will this change as the game gets closer to release?

Should I purchase a upgraded video card if I plan on putting time into this game?

Thanks in advance.

You should be fine. Alot of us have NASA super computers and struggle with FPS. Pretty sure it will get better as they finish the game. Theyre still optimizing if im not mistaken.

So i just installed new card. geforce 2070 oc. 8gb gddr6. Made a huge difference. GPU sits around 80% now but runs 60fps with no stutter. Runs so much smother and the game looks much better.

Jesus, that was fast.

Sounds like he was already on the way to get a new card :smile:

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Yeah my friend doesnt use his computer so he said i could buy the card off him. Been wanting to try a higher end card anyways so i can muitibox L2 more. Again… This game looks way better and smoother with a higher end card.

Damn if i could fix my fps issues that fast i’d be god xD

Super sonic speed Guy

im not quite sure I’d say going out and buying a $500 gfx card is the best solution

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Im not a professional. But the games not perfectly optimized yet. Give it some time.

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