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Graphics Problems


Is anyone having problems in certain area’s were the graphics just go mad when you are casting or using skills ? when i say mad it is like lines flashing across the screen.

I am no expert with computers so i am sorry about the info and description of what happens.

the drivers are uptodate on my card.

There’s lots of things you can try. Will give a short list of some in game things to try.

-Limit you’re FPS to 60.
-Set Shadow to lowest setting.
-Make sure you are playing in boardless window mode…forgot what they call it!
-Adjust your V sync to a different setting…game has 3 settings!

Hi Thanks for the reply.

The V Sync will not adjust from off

Its the game, it doesnt matter what settings you use, it happens to me sometimes, since last patch though not as frequent, i tried altering settings and nothing changed it.

The only thing that worked was logging out, shutting the game down and firing up again.

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There is some better setup, sometimes my game freezes and I know that he is not optmized yet, but I would like to have the best experience possible

Still does not work. I get the option to change but it does not move from OFF

You can only use Vsync if your not using the FPS limit option.

ah ok ty for that KOTLI

In the new zones my GPU goes mad compared to the older zones. In what zones do this happen and what skills do you use?

MACKNUM, it seems to be ok now I just done what the guys said above and fingers crossed all is ok. If you are having a problem try what they said above.

I was having that same issue a few days ago and thankfully it seems to have sorted itself with no input on my part. Fingers crossed.

These are known issues especially with cast skills nothing you do will help atm.

Certain Acolyte skills, such as Hungering Souls, can result in graphical artifacting.

  • Other than avoiding the use of affected skills, we do not presently have a workaround for this issue. We are currently investigating it, and it will be fixed in a future update.

Decals can sometimes fail to load, resulting in the display of bright colors.

  • This is typically resolved by leaving and re-entering the zone.

Also casting Pyre Golems drop me from 120FPS to around 80FPS… and plus the issues with certain FPS drops while casting spells I actually drop under 60FPS sometimes even around 30 FPS if my large amount of minions mix up with a large amount of mobs. hope this gets fixed very soon. I might have to play with a different class till then (other then Necromancer)

Anyways… I really like this game so far and I know you are doing a great job already with updates. Hope my information helps with something.

i5 8600k (OC 4700MHz)
GTX 1070Ti 8GB (OC MSI curve)
16GB DDR4 3200MHz C16
Game on NVMe SSD (half full)

2560 x 1440 screen res.
Master Quality Very Low
Display Mode max window
V sync off
everything on very low…

I’ve tried all kinds of things from my side but I can’t change it at all. I reinstalled and that gave me a boost of 3-5 fps… that is it. Tried to change the memory allocation in the graphics ini.file but it doesn’t do anything… just changing to medium or higher master setting will allocate more ram (even if you put al lthe settigns on very low after…
I still get not more FPS.
Also the hdr mode seems to not work right. I have a hdr monitor and it doesn’t reckognize the game. so some light efx are way to white. I switched it off in the boot.ini file but it still looks weird tbh… also after that I could suddenly switch hdr on and off via the max framerate option.
Hope my infos can help the devs! The first game ever I accept to play with massive FPS drops… it’s just a good game. :upside_down_face:

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yesterday, I tried to play with a Necro, my God, every 10 minutes the game crashed, it didn’t support the number of slaves on the game screen … and look, I was in the medium of graphic quality. I have a GTX 1660 ti and i7 9700k … it was between 10 to 50 FPS. At the moment it is very bad to play the game. I’ll wait for them to fix this.

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yeah around the same on medium but that’s why I play on very low atm. Hope they can fix it soon so we can enjoy our medium high-end PCs still a bit. ( I want your CPU man… haha)

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To be able to play the game till it is optimized (can be a while as it is not in their high priorities list) i suggest you to put master quality at very low, vertical sync off, shadow quality very low, antialiasing TAA, grass density off and all the rest options after that on very low.
i have a 1060 3gb ram with a ryzen cpu and i play the game without problems unless i go to arena +100 and more where i have 1-20 fps .

If that does not fix your graphics problem i suggest you to got to steam, find game there and verify files as maybe you have some corrupted file (s).

@FiQyUu Try to play in lower resolution it may help a bit

downscaling just looks horrible. not sure how anyone could play like that. I also would still have the same lags since the graphic problems are build related.
I will just wait for a fix.
Till then I think about changing class. Is the best option rn and I still have a lot to discover :eyes: