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Graphics & Flow Post-0.7.7

Hello Epochers !

I replied directly on the 0.7.7 patch topic but a proper community feedback is probably more useful.

I’m not a “graphics-dependant” kind of player but, as we are in Beta, let’s talk about every aspect.

I think i speak for majority of the players when i say that the improvements are awesome. The game is beautiful and, now, we have a great atmosphere (better implication) and skills seem visually more striking (better feeling of your gameplay).

That being said, some points are less convincing in my opinion :

  1. The portal representation in the Eterra’s Maps. Maybe because of the blue border on the location where you don’t have a portal, but when you zoom out, the visibility is not really good (and it has a blurry-like aspect)
  2. The new player UI is beautiful and kind of “clean”. That’s why the skill, teleport & health potion icons seems like oldies compared to it (a discrepancy between the different styles).
  3. I think some shadowed zones lacks of visibility (well, on my setup at least). I have to put in “very bright” just to see a minima the zone and enemies. I especially think about the desert areas.
  4. Some skills leaves sometimes a strange graphics impressions. It’s more personnal i imagine but the totems appears a bit odd (i zoomed to see if i hadn’t an issue with the texture, even in ultra). I haven’t enough builds to see all the panel but i’m sure other players will have a better overview. Nevertheless the animations are often really great.

Regarding the flow, it’s quite obvious that we have much less lags than before. I suppose it will be improved again in future patches but i’ll just make a state of play.

At the moment, the start of an area can still be a litlle laggy. Moreover, some enemies or the fact that you have a lot of pets have still a very laggy effects, like your PC was in Rahyeh chest : the famous ice elementary, the immortal eyes…

Right now, it’s difficult for me to do a feedback about the arena because of this issue (lags is the main cause of death, as i have only sub-optimal characters).
Needless to say it’s not a complain but an observation about the current limits i see.

Thank you for reading my little feedback and congrats for your smart development of the game.

This I totally agree with. In the past I kind of struggled with the look if the game and wished for improvements. With time I got more and more comfortable with the look. But I also was optimistic that there will be improvements possible, because the graphics engine of LE is capable of more. And here it is.

The game looks great now. Not the best in the genre, but it fits the atmosphere and the style.

And for me the gameplay benefits from this improvement as well. The combat feels “better” now. I can’t express exactly why, but I have a lot more fun playing.

The added details make a difference, too. Yesterday I recognised that you can push enemies over cliffs. Also the spiders that come from the ceiling in indoor levels are nice. Bugs coming out of their nests.

This patch got me even more hooked in.

Well, I still feel that more of the performance is missing, even more than some specific maps and enemies. But the wue maps contain forests, whatever it is in the ERA, there is a lot of FPS drops, I play in the ultra, I have a 1660ti mobile and an i7 9750h they run in an ancestral forest above 20 to 30 fps, so there’s more optimization of these newer maps and animations that match the new external environmental graphic. not to mention the modeling of the characters themselves. Great job so far, I’m sure that with the next patches there will be a constant improvement.

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