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Graphics Bug in Ulatri Cliffs at start (578.2 KB) When fighting the first Rahyeh boss during the tutorial, all the shaders were green.
DxDiag.txt (90.4 KB)
Player_Prev link:!AniywBFbnihthfJIyel4xSmlM7okRA?e=b0GW2T





I haven’t had this issue internally but I have seen a few reports. Could you please upload your log file? If you’ve exited the game and restarted since, upload the “Player-prev” file instead. Your system information would help as well.

Was that the first character you played in that game session, or did you play another character before and then exit to character select?

Also if you could screenshot your graphics settings that would be very useful. Thanks for the report @Vulkan

Sure thing! Grabbing those in a moment.
This is a new character I created after the patch. I did play a lvl 16 primalist before this one.

Will do!

Added those logs!

Added those screenshots!

Appreciate it Vulkan!

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Just got a similar bug not green this time but very bright.

To add some context i was starting a mage and when i entered the zone i got this. Before starting the mage i started an acolyte who did not encountered this issue, i restarted the game between playing the 2 char.
Hope this help you.

Player.log (53.5 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (501 Bytes)

Hi everyone. We haven’t had this problem so we can’t be sure, but we’ve deployed a potential fix for this issue in 0.7.7e. Please let us know (with the relevant files) if this happens again after you have the update.

Thank you!

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