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Graphical difference Linux/Windows

Hi everybody,
so, i tried to see what performance difference is there with using Proton or running Linux native. Turns out, Linux native has +30% increased performance over Proton.
When i compared some Screenshots, i saw that, for example, the detail Level of Grass is far less on Linux Native. Is that a known problem?
One last thing: Ambient Occlusion enabled results in bad flickering everywhere.

Edit: Forgot to mention: Proton performance is pretty much on par with Windows

Hello suRe-XXX,

Well the native version is running really great right now and I can confirm this is way more performant with OpenGL than Windows under DX11, I got consent 100 FPS in average, may hit 200 FPS in some area. Howerver, the Ambient Occlusion is broken under OpenGL, it’s preferable to turn it off.

According to Gamingonlinux site, you can get even more performance with Vulkan if you have an Nvidia GPU. You can turn it on by adding “-force-vulkan” in your launch option. I have an AMD RX5600XT but Vulkan is unusable right now, on both RADV and AMDVLK perform less than OpenGL and crash almost every 5 minutes.

Hey agolinux,
i just tested “-force-vulkan” - but for me the game crashes at the login screen.

I think we are missing some graphic features on Linux, thats why the OpenGL performance is this much better. As i mentioned before, “Grass Density” does not change anything in linux native. In fact, there is no grass at all :smiley:

Hey suRe-XXX,

I admit that I never paid attention to the “Grass Density” feature. I do care more on game mechanic in general, graphics come second :wink:

So do i! I mean, i still play D2 once in a while :slight_smile:
But maybe it is something the devs aren’t aware of, you know? I wouldnt even have noticed without the big performance boost. Thats where my curiosity came from.

FYI, someone at GOL forum did manage to get Vulkan working under RADV with this launch option:

RADV_PERFTEST=aco %command% -force-vulkan -gfx-enable-gfx-jobs 0

You need at least Mesa 20.1 to get it work. There is glitch sometimes but it still playable, the ambient occlusion is working with Vulkan and the performance is as good as OpenGL.

I will add a comparison video on my Youtube channel when I’ll get some free time,

Yes, i saw that one yesterday. Runs pretty smooth, better than OpenGL imho (despite the glitches)
But again, graphical details are missing from the game. I think its a problem with the Linux Build rather than a renderer problem.

I finally got the game running with Vulkan enabled on my AMD Radeon RX 5700. I did the following.

  1. Upgraded to the latest stable MESA Driver Release 20.1.1
  2. Entered the following startoption for the game:

-force-vulkan -gfx-enable-gfx-jobs 0

In addition to that ACO can be enabled. The startoption is as follows:

RADV_PERFTEST=aco %command% -force-vulkan -gfx-enable-gfx-jobs 0

This solves the gamecrash with the MESA RADV Vulkandriver. Using vulkan without ACO enabled removes the textureflickering when ambient occlusion is set above very low. Performance seems to be the same as with OpenGL and the stuttering presists.

With ACO enabled the game runs smoother and the occasionally stuttering is gone. However using ACO introduces new weird graphical glitches on my system that appear from time to time.

For now it would be the best if the developers could get the OpenGL renderer to a point where it delivers a solid and stutterfree performance and ambient occlusion could be enabled without causing textureflickering. Hopefully the developers will have a look at the problems with the AMDGPU+MESA drivers. Vulkansupport might be something that can be added later.

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