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GPU usage drop after ~1hour gameplay

When I first launch the game, I can see my GPU usage is at 100% most of the time. I have pretty solid FPS and rarely drop below 50ish in the worst situations.

But after 1-2 hours of playing, my GPU usage drops to 80%. And my framerates drop considerably, as in low 20s sometimes.

I can fix this by quickly restarting the game and have a couple more hours of smooth gameplay.

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Could you post your system information? You can upload it using the button. This would be easier to reproduce if we knew whether you had an Nvidia or AMD video card, which driver you’re using, which Operating System (e.g.Win10, Ubuntu 20.04) you’re using, and so on.

Is there a corresponding change in temperature when the utilization & FPS begin to drop?


DxDiag.txt (111.1 KB)

GPU temps do change from 80% to 100% usage but that’s normal behavior as it follows my set fan speed curve. Goes from about 50c to 60c, nothing to worry about.