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GPU Requirements for 1440p@60 FPS?

What are the GPU requirements to run this game 1440p@60 FPS with high/very high graphical settings?

Sorry, if this has been asked before. I searched the old threads, but I coudn’t find the answer.

If it helps, with my GF 1660 Ti i can hold above 60fps on 1440p 95% of the playtime.

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Alievenware m17, i7, GTX1070 8gb, 16GB RAM, m.2 storage.
Runing 1440p, with default game setting (last patch sets all to medium).
Twitch streaming on background. Average in-game fps 30 (outdoor) 58 (indoor).

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Thanks for the info. I guess GTX 1660 Super would still be sufficient too.

Hi again. BF is here and it is time to make tough decisions.

Is RX 590 enough to run this game 1440p@60 fps?

Unfortunately we can’t really give a guaranteed yes/no on this. There are a lot of factors that go in to how well the game runs. That video card is above the minimum requirements and should do fine. We have many performance improvements still coming down the pipe (Unity 2019.3 was just released 2 days ago and we’re upgrading asap).

I think that an RX590 is a great choice for video card and should serve you quite well. Other components in the computer or software that might be running in the background could cause a computer with an RX590 to not run at 60fps some of the time.

Personally, I have a GTX 1080 and can play on high settings with no frame problems.
Here is a comparison of GTX 1080 and RX 590.

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Thanks for the answer.

This new version of UNITY is packed full of new features, even a graphics upgrade and not to mention a considerable improvement in performance. LE has everything to be a great game.


CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-8700 CPU @3.20GHz 3.19 GHz
16 gb RAM
Graphic cards: Intel® UHD Graphics 630
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
MotherBoard: Alienware 0VDT73 A00

running ultra (every setting including shadows) 40-80 fps here while streaming higher when not streaming

Are you using 1440p resolution? If you are I have to say I’m impressed.

Anyways, my worries are over. I bought an RTX 2060.

1920x1080 us that resolution?

D2 veteran here, considering buying BETA access.

Will a HP Omen laptop with Intel i7-8750H processor & GTX 1070 run this game without overheating? I undervolt to keep temps down so I’m hoping these specs will be good.


So far, the performance hasn’t been very great for me at 1440p. I have the following hardware:

Intel Core i7-5820K at stock speed
32GB of RAM
Nvidia GeForce GTX 980Ti
The game is installed on a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD

At medium settings, frame rates seem to sit mainly in the 40-50 range, but regularly drop into the upper 20s. Even at the higher range of performance, I get frame pacing issues that even my G-Sync monitor can’t sort out. Also, the ‘Fullscreen Exclusive’ mode doesn’t appear to work at all- it runs in fullscreen borderless mode no matter what I choose.

If these are all known issues then I can live with them, but I can’t imagine my hardware is so old now that I can’t run things at reasonable frame rates even with modest settings.

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