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Got to Play This at QUAKECON!


I had not seen this game until I went to Quakecon yesterday. I love action rpgs and had to sit down and try this one out. I think it’s headed in the right direction but there needs to be more to do just than killing creatures from point A to point B. There needs to be a sense of discovery and exploration and interactive environments…maybe even destructible environments. You know…the thrill of hitting an odd spot on a wall and having it open a secret door to a secret area. The fun of seeing something glimmer out of the corner of your eye and clicking on it to see what it is. The sense of adventure finding part of a puzzle or map that leads to something special. You don’t have to drop items with everything a player overturns or discovers but there’s a sense of more to do and more going on. That’s what makes a good action rpg.

I don’t know where the story is going just yet as I only got to sit down and play it maybe 20- 30 min, but I hope the dev team is careful with that as well. And for heaven’s sakes, keep pay to win out of this game. POE does well enough just offering cosmetics for sale and I know you guys want to make money. Just don’t upset the players…your consumers.

Congratulations on what I’ve seen so far but it still needs addition of discoverable content. Thank you.


I’m glad you are excited for Epoch. Just wanted to pop in and reassure you that we will not be adding any pay to win mechanics. We don’t like them in games we play and we don’t want them in games we make.



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