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God of Sea and Storm: Lagon Approaches



God of the West, Lord of Sea and Storm - and star of our beta trailer!

Created by Eterra eons ago, this unpredictable deity will be making his imposing presence felt in Chapter 8. Will you survive your encounter with this ancient and terrible creature?

Lagon’s Insignia


Patch 0.7.7 is shaping up to be one of our largest updates ever! This huge content patch includes Lagon’s Temple. Closer to the release of Patch 0.7.7 we will be explaining how we plan to convey the sense of being underwater without any of the awkward movement and combat associated with the oceanic zones seen in other games.


On behalf of the entire team, I want to sincerely thank you for the incredibly positive response to our recent update, Patch 0.7.6. We spent longer than usual testing this update prior to its release, which seems to have been reflected in the feedback we’ve seen.

The Idols feature and streamlining of the first couple of chapters, in particular, were very warmly received. We’re excited to be working on new content again - and we look forward to telling you more about Patch 0.7.7 over the coming weeks.

Last Epoch Beta Trailer


Woot! Thanks EHG!!!

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Sounds like we’re going to see something innovative. Can’t wait! :smile:


New equipment slot coming: oxygen tanks
Haha, no but really this has got me hyped, can wait to see something new in an ARPG, let alone in my favorite ARPG to date.


Phase 3 starts in 0.7.7 confirmed!


Karv is now like "“noooo let them die slowly over time, like players lose 1hp per second during fight” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: love this CTHULHU in this amazing game !!! CANT WAIT <3 and gimme archer plz

looks cool, hopefully it releases once i am done with wolcen

Wow, already hyped for this!

Amazing :slight_smile:

Im sure I speak for everyone when I say i’m excited, keep up the great work!

Can we please get another duplication bug the first 24 hours? I’ve prepared some items.

This update looks sick!

Cant wait! Ty to all devs :gift_heart:

Came back to LE after 7 months. So many improvements since then!! Idol system is great (keep it! keep it! keep it! reminds me of Salt & Sanctuary). Very impressed with the stability!! Getting 70-80fps in 1440p just for kicks. Rooting for EHG and LE big time. Cheers

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