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Global Chat does not work, any suggestions?

As the title says, my global chat have not worked for the last week or 2. When i log into a new character, i do not even get the server message pop up. I have tryed to disable and enable the chat. This problem have occured for me before, but usually exiting and entering the game, fixes the problem. But this time, i can’t seem to find a way to fix chat. I appreciate any kind of help or tip :slight_smile:

It is also down for me :frowning:

Awww. haha mate, we just make our own chat then! :smiley:

Down for me as well. Posted in another thread but hopefully this gets some attention.

Me too. I think it works one in 10 tries. I have attached my log file to try and make it easier. output_log.txt (199.9 KB)

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