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Giving Soul Cages the Attention They Deserve

The Soul Cage was one of the earliest models we posted concept art for - and it immediately proved to be a hit with the community! Our upcoming update, Patch 0.7.4, includes a visual update for these bearers of the damned. Today we’d like to give you a sneak peek!

Some of you may remember this concept art;

We’ve replaced the glass cage on the Soul Cage’s back with one which looks much better - and it is now possible to catch a glimpse of the poor unfortunates who are trapped within;

But that’s not all! The Soul Cage harnasses the souls in its cage to fuel a powerful necromantic ability. If you damage them enough, the glass cage will shatter and the souls will be freed. This will prevent the Soul Cage from using this ability for the rest of the fight;

We’re also planning on replacing the visual effect of the Soul Cage’s signature ability! We’ll update the thread with a preview if its new look will be ready in time for Patch 0.7.4.

Thanks for checking out the thread! We hope you like the changes as much as we do. :smiley:


Nice to see the cage breaking mechanic getting worked in :smiley:


Thanks for the visual updates.

Seeing the souls escape is pretty cool :+1:

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Looks amaaaaazing. Love it!

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That’s so cool! I really like the idea of enemies getting weaker when you fight them… not just the trope of them getting enraged and getting stupidly stronger. The visuals are top notch too :smiley:


Look awesome!

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