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Ghost meteors and item labels dissapearing

They happen repeatedly, so i assume they are known, but i don’t see them discussed. So i post them for the off chance that they only happen repeatedly to me. Otherwise sorry for posting known stuff:

I am running a blackhole meteor build where i run trough the area gathering everything, i cast blackhole, then keep the meteor button suppressed until i am in negative mana and sometimes longer if i’m a bit sleepy. It then lags a bit and most everything is dead. Every once in a while, after i have done this stuff, the game keeps casting meteors at a regular interval. While i walk they drop right behind me every 2 seconds or so. They don’t do damage to me nor the mobs. Its just the graphic. Yesterday, when i kept playing like that, it actually happened a second time and i had 2 meteors in rythem dropping behind me all the time.

Every once in a while, the game stops displaying item labels on the stuff that dropped. I am not certain if this is always the case, but i think this also starts after i do the blackhole meteor on enough mobs to cause lag. It stays like that until i exit to main menu and start a new game. Right now my last run, this combined with the quest not completing.

The ghost meteors and dissapeared item labels happen frequently. The non-completed quest is a first for me. (but the only one i did see discussed)

If these are not known things and more details are wanted, let me know and ill try my best to find out as much about it as i can and make video’s.

For now:
My system:
Win 10
Intel I5 8400
GTX1060 3GB
fullscreen window
Medium quality

Thank you for the report!

Could you please post a log file after the next time this happens?

The quest not completing just happened again, and i discovered that it probably is because i minimized the quest log overlay. Will keep hoping for the other 2 things to happen again.

output_log.txt (68.6 KB)

Gameplay video:

Edit: Sorry the ghost meteors don’t seem to happen again. Maybe it’s because i am now stronger and things go a lot smoother, i don’t know. When it did happen was when i was so weak that i berely could do it in a “level1” monolith run and always was at the bring of dying during the action. Now i got bored with the game again for a while, so no follow up here soon.

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