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German Community Discord [Deutscher Discord Server]

Hey there.

I just created an unofficial discord server, with the hope to build an german-speaking community around it.

This thing is far from done and we will try to improve over time.

But for the time being if you want some place to hang out, chat or ask questions with fellow german countrymen this is the place to go!

Join us if you are interested!

We already setup some FAQ, useful links and places to ask questions etc.


Moin moin,

ich habe einen inoffiziellen deutschen Community Discord Server erstellt, in der Hoffnung eine deutschsprachige last Epoch Community aufzubauen.

Der Server ist natürlich noch nicht ganz fertig und wir werden versuchen in der Zukunft diesen weiter zu verbessern.

Aber vorerst ist dies bereits ein guter Platz gleichgesinnte Landsleute zu finden und sich gemeinsam über Last Epoch zu unterhalten, oder Fragen zu stellen.

Wenn ihr Interesse habt, kommt und tretet bei!

Wir haben bereits häufig gestellte Fragen, nützliche Links und Kanäle um Fragen zu stellen.

@Sarno is it possible that this thread get a sticky? That would be like Christmas, Easter and Birthday at once! I really want this community to grow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Also feel free to join and hone your german skillz! You will get an extra spot! (@Llama8 is also already Part of it, as a Mascot)


Can somebody please feed the Llama? It looks hungry :upside_down_face:.

It does, I’m doing exercise & have not yet had breakfast.

GJ @Heavy Heavy :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure if we want threads on individual resources being given the sticky treatment as that’s likely going to age poorly. I’ve configured the thread to remain sticky for the rest of the month (please note that individual users can desticky it for themselves after seeing it).


Even Lord Sarno is there <3 If you manage to learn german by reading through the community channel until next year, ill invite you to couple of beers at the oktoberfest if you ever visit munich :smiley: @Llama8 same goes for you :wink:

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I’ll see if I can get my boss to have me over in Austria next October…

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Thank you so very much, that is a good middleground, so we can get some attention and hopefully after this month we will have enough publicity already!

I actually think the destickying could do as much to help with visibility.

While I can’t speak for others, my time on forums has trained me to mentally skip the sticky threads to get to the “real” content. But hey, we can see how it goes. :smile:

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Haha, you might be right there, but since atm Stickies are pretty rare i kinda feel special! Thank you again.

I will destick that as soon as i feel it would help, but for the time being this already feels awesome!

Hey @Heavy keine Ahnung warum ich dich im Spiel nicht whispern kann, finde ich cool das du einen deutschen Community Server aufbaust.

Vielen Dank für die netten Worte.

Ja das /w funktioniert oftmals nicht richtig.

So we are 3 weeks in this project and already gathered 27 members.
Big thanks to @Sarno for granting us a Sticky for that period.
Our sticky expired for now, but we already got quite a great development.

We already had some great conversations going on the discord server and i hope we can further grow this community.

We already have FAQ, Usefull Links, Translated News, Q&A for EA/Beta, Promotion Channel for Content Creators, a General Talk Channel, Class Talk Channels and a Question Channel.

Big thanks to everybody, who already joined our server.
We do appreciate every single one of you!