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General feedback

After thinking a lot over the past couple months of playing this game on what feedback to give I went from wanting to give really specific feedback to now just big picture stuff. I think it honestly would be more helpful to you. So here it is.

First off, your game has “it”. For me “it” is that longing to log in and play. I have loved rpgs since I was a kid and I am so excited you all are doing this. This is a game like diablo grim dawn path of exile and to be honest there are too few of these out to play. My brother and I talk every few months to see if there are any new co-op diablo clones to play and it’s always the same ones . We chew through these games so fast and there is just nothing left after a while. That is why I am supporting you. Thank you for what you are trying to accomplish.

Don’t redo any systems now. You are what you are . You are too far in. Add content and tweak what you have even if it isn’t exactly what you thought . There are no bad parts to this game. Don’t get caught up in some of the feedback here. The amount of time and money it would take to redo an entire system isn’t worth it and you could easily risk never launching the game itself . I have seen it happen . I have seen other games start over countless times, wasting money and time and you guys can’t afford that.

Remember your audience here in beta. We are the most passionate fans but also a very small part of who will be buying your game . Remember that. When someone here in beta says the game is too easy and you need to ramp up the difficulty , they have probably created 5-10 characters and gone through your first couple of acts countless times, have great twink gear , and probably are just better players than your average person who will buy your game. Be careful listening to us .

That said he only specific feedback I will give is on your crafting system. For weeks I couldn’t think what bugged me about your crafting system but then it hit me. Players fail at crafting an item 99.99% of the time . Think about that. Almost every single piece of gear will fracture . What kinds of feelings do you think that illicits?Over and over again. I personally am fine with the failing but that is the emotion you will convey to every player 99.99% of the time. Its too late to change it now but I think dialing back the frustration some with improving the glyphs and removing the damaging fractures will go a long way to mitigate some of that inevitable frustration.

Stay the course. Have your priorities straight with the sole focus of shipping your game. No need to redo graphics or animations right now or anything else that would require 100s of dev hours.

And whatever you do, please don’t fuck “it” up…

Thanks for reading. Good luck. It gets harder the closer you get to release. You can do it.


The crafting is bugged. When its fixed alot of the frustration will go away.

By Bugged i mean that something with the higher tiers makes them break at 90%+ than they should. They know about this and are looking into it. Ive broken 5 pieces in a row within 5 minutes at 90-98%+ chances. Yes its frustrating, but its also gives that sense of “Fuck YA” when you have success. Cant enjoy a sunny day if its never rained.

Don’t get me wrong . I prefer games with more frustration as the rewards are that much sweeter. Hell im an Everquest vet. I know a thing or 2 about frustration. I just think crafting may be a bit much. I think they can tweak the system they have though . We will just have to wait and see.

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