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Game won't launch in Linux Mint 19.3

Hello everyone,

I’ve bought the game from Steam, and it won’t launch. A windowed screen appear but it’s empty.

Shortly after, my system start to slow down then finally crash (a matter of a minute)

I’m on Linux mint 19.3, and here’s my Steam System (2.9 KB).
Can’t produce the game’s log file since it doesn’t have launch

Thanks a lot for helping troubleshooting

Hi there,

If you haven’t already done so, could you please try verifying the game’s files?

I should note that we do only technically support Ubuntu, though I wouldn’t expect users of Linux Mint to encounter problems that people on Ubuntu don’t, and a friend of mine has been playing Last Epoch on Linux Mint without running into any issues.

Do you happen to know the manufacturer & model of the HDD or SSD you’re using?

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