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Game Guide in text form?

Hey there,

is there anyone who found the “Game Guide” in the game files in a proper text form?
Or are the guys from EHG so kind and can provide me that? @Sarno

I want to put it into an interactive online form, also translating it in the process to german, since i wanted to use that for the german community i am trying to build.

That’d likely be something we make available through an API.


Well that’s sounds cool too, but i guess that will still take a while?

So no way you could provide me those in any text form beforehand?
Does not have to be formatted or anything, i will work on that on my own.

Thanks for the super quick reply btw.

The Game Guide pages don’t exist as text files; entries are implemented programmatically - if we were to make text files available we’d likely be creating them the same way you would. As that would take time and either entail ongoing upkeep or them gradually becoming obsolete, I’d much rather see us invest our time into making an API available instead.

We plan to replace the current website with an entirely new site later this year, and also to move to at the same time. My aim is for the new site to use an API which will consist of a mix of public and private endpoints. I don’t have an ETA to share for any of this yet (and really shouldn’t be talking about it at all).

There’s a few factors that would go into determining when the API would be made available to the community. One is balancing our desire to have it as complete as possible and wanting to make it available sooner rather than later. Another is when we feel we’re ready to support a publicly-accessible API and all that goes with it (including a Terms of Use agreement).

Game Guide entries wouldn’t usually be my idea of a high priority collection of endpoints, but if we decide to make them available on the new site - which we’ve been considering - we would be doing that through the API and they would be prioritized accordingly.

I realize this answer is a cocktail of lots of text and not actually answering the question that was posed, but this is the information I have myself at the moment, so it’s all I’m able to provide.


Haha i am sorry if you get in trouble because of my question :smiling_imp:

Anyway, thanks for the detailed answer. I am really looking forward to this.

I guess i will halt the work on that whole game guide thing, was just a cool idea i had for the german community stuff. But as soon as this thing is implemented and publicly available i will definitly try to work that into the community i am trying to create.


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Yeah, not yet you haven’t…

Patience young grasshopper.

Yes I know :smiley:

I mean finally they are moving to the new url. They’ve acquired the domain for a long time.