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Game freez


I have a freez problem from 0.76c (i start the game with this version) to 0.77b version. It seem the game freezing everytime it load something.
It could be micro freez or big freez for 5-10 sec.

It see that the game take long time when i exit the game to.

I have not check the CPU and GPU charge.

My graphics driver are at the latest version.

Here are the MSI en graphic files : (437 Bytes) (92.0 KB)

Thanks for the good game, even if the freez kills me ofen :slight_smile:

PS: disregard my english, i’m french ^^


I found the problem. It’s come from display mode.

The maximized windows not work correctly (freez), but when i’m chose windowed it’s okay (in ultra graphic).

Something will be doing to correct this ?

Hope it would help

Edit : the problem come’s again even in windowed mode…however when i come from maximzed windows to windowed it’s was good. But 10 minutes later freez appear :confused:

This might sound like an odd question but what skills are you using? Have you tried dropping the graphics settings down a bit from ultra?

I coming with few more test :

First launch of the game --> Freez in hight resolution. I go to low, and the situation was better.

I stop the game and restart it --> No freez, even in ultra (fps drop but it’s my configuration i think, i play in hight resolution normaly). As well i can put the maximized window with no freez. I do a run for 30 minutes and the game crash.

Third run --> No problems… so i don’t know what appen :confused:

My skills :
Wolf x 4, entlanding root, storm totem, tornado, tempest strike (all in lightning skill so there is a lot of light on the screen :slight_smile: )

Note : The first time the game load entlanding root the game freez for 3-4 sec everytime and when i cast storm totem for 1 sec.

This problem exist since i have start the game with all my characters. But now freez are randomly…strange

Thanks for the follow up info. I don’t really have a good idea for you to stabilize it at the moment. If you start having problems again, maybe look at other programs that are running in the background to see if there is a relation? (Long shot but we have noticed some incompatibilities)

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